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The Alfa Forni wood holder is a rack where to place the logs in an orderly fashion to easily manage the fire inside the wood-burning oven. Its main advantages are:

* It allows you to light the fire faster as it lets the air pass through the logs.
* It allows you to move the fire around the oven more easily.
* It makes it easier to clean the oven floor during cooking.
* Functional and elegant design with perforated company logo.
* Made of high-quality steel.

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The wood holder is one of the key accessories to comfortably use the home wood-burning oven just like a professional would do.

The main function of this tool is to help you light up the fire by allowing the necessary airflow to sustain combustion and get the oven up to the optimum temperature in less time.

Our wood holder is suitable for all Alfa home wood-fired ovens, and you can quickly move the fire around the oven by lifting it with the round peel.


Keeping the fire elevated means keeping the oven floor cleaner and less time to wipe residues away.

The Alfa wood holder is made of fire-resistant, high-quality steel; it can withstand temperatures as high as 1 000 °C and is non-deformable.

The design combines elegance and functionality in the purest Alfa style.




Even those who have an Alfa gas-fired oven can start cooking with wood with the Hybrid Kit that includes the wood holder and the lid to protect the gas burner while the firewood is being burned.

Product Type Accessory
Brand Alfa Forni
Size 37cm, 59cm


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