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The modern Pratic creations derive from this project: awnings with extendable arms or vertical drop that the continuous updates of the Pratic Concept laboratory have made tools of the latest generation in terms of technology, design and aesthetic contribution. Electric awnings have advanced solutions, with smartphone or remote control to activate lighting or movement – even automated, in case of bad weather or strong wind, thanks to the inclusion of specific integrated sensors.

Pratic extendable or drop awnings can also be equipped with an elegant hermetic box that hides the awning, when closed, and the electrical components inside. Furthermore, in the lower profile, the LED lighting creates a soft atmosphere that makes the external environment comfortable even during the evening hours.


The structure and the fascia of the T-Hide arm awning are presented in a single box that contains its technical components. The awning that can reach 700 cm in width and 400 cm in depth. An elegant solution, made even more impressive by the integrated LED lighting.


To be installed on the wall or ceiling, T-Code is equipped with extendable arms that can be activated via smartphone. The LED strips guarantee the lighting under the awning, which when closed is housed in a refined box.


T-Way can reach 590 centimeters in width and 340 in depth, a feature that, together with the possibility of ceiling and wall installation, makes it a highly versatile solution, even in the evening with LED lighting.


Designed to ensure important structural performance and to allow a simple and quick adjustment of the inclination, Musa is the awning with an attractive design, made with the highest quality materials suitable for the outdoor environment.


T-Box is the elegant and versatile drop awning. It can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling, or in a niche and is offered in two versions: with sliding on steel cables, or on aluminum side guides with Zip.


T – Square is the vertical drop awning on cables. The unique squared box protects the awning when closed. The 4 mm stainless steel cables keep the fabric perfectly tensioned. Compact, with defined lines but no sharp edges, the Square box features an unequivocally modern look, both stylish and unobtrusive.


T – Line is a box vertical awning whose fabric slides on 4 mm stainless steel side cables. The box is made of aluminium and can reach a width of 400 cm. A cassette that combines a rounded and soft shape, an awning that is pure design, which fits into any residential context.


To close outdoor spaces and structures, Pratic has designed Windy, the vertical sliding awning with telescopic guides that allow it to be installed even in the presence of uprights or out-of-square walls. The linear design is made even cleaner by the use of the box that holds the rolled up cloth.