Alfa – Round anodised aluminium pizza peel

A Pizza peel with a handle and head (diameter of 36 cm) made entirely of anodized aluminum for strength, lightness and hygiene. The lightness is, assured thanks to its incorporation of aluminum. Anodizing guarantees robustness and hygiene.

The pizza peel is available in two sizes: 120-175 cm

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The slotted head is lightweight and flexible, and the holes provide low friction and are required to unload the excess flour ensuring maximum hygiene.

The front end of the head of the pizza peel is, subjected to a work of careful milling to facilitate the loading of the pizza from the work surface on to the pizza peel.

The pizza peel is available in two sizes: 120-175 cm

* Professional style pizza peel
* Anodized aluminum for ultimate durability and ease of use
* 14-inch peel head diameter (36cm)
* 47-inch length for added convenience (120cm)


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