Alfa – Pizza Peel Set


The Alfa pizza peel is the all-important tool to try your hand at “arte bianca” (bread and pizza making).




* Made of aluminium and stainless steel.
* Perforated head to remove the excess flour.
* Adjustable length.
* Tubular handle.
* Functional and elegant design.
* Professional non-slip handle.
* Compatible with all Alfa domestic ovens.



Discover the Pizza Peel

The stainless-steel pizza peel manufactured by Alfa is one of the essential tools to make pizza at home and make the most of your home pizza oven.

The great care in design and in the choice of materials make this peel a professional tool that combines the functionality, the elegance and the quality that differentiate Alfa products.

The aluminium peel head has a lot of holes on the carrying surface to reduce its weight and to get rid of extra flour that could otherwise burn during cooking creating smoke and giving an unpleasant bitter flavour to your pizza.

The first shovel in the world with screw joint

The Alfa peel handle is adjustable in length as it is composed of two extensions that can be inserted to get the desired size. The basic length is 95 cm (handle + head) that can be increased to 120 cm (handle + one 25 cm extension + head) or to 145 cm (handle + two 25 cm extensions + head). This solution might come in handy when using the pizza peel in small wood-burning ovens or in tiny spaces such as the balcony

The peel handle and the shaft are made of Duroplast, a high-resistance plastic with a firm grip



The Alfa Pizza Peel packaging measures 50 x 36 x 4 cm and contains:
  • 1 perforated, semi-professional, aluminium peel head with the company logo.
  • 1 non-slip, tubular Duroplast handle.
  • 2 anodised aluminium extensions of 25 cm each.