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Bioclimatic Pergolas

As the desire to spend more time outdoors grows, our range of Bioclimatic Pergolas offer perfect comfort and refined style in equal amounts.

Equipped with adjustable or retractable blades to optimise protection from the sun, ventilation and temperature, they can create an ideal habitat in all conditions.

Our beautiful Pergolas combine cutting-edge performance with a contemporary design aesthetic.


Adjustable blades up to 140 degrees and Raso perimeter closures integrated into the structure make the Opera bioclimatic pergola a comfortable and usable space all year round.


The profiles with small dimensions and elegant design reduce the aesthetic impact. Available free-standing or leaning against the wall, Vision is a versatile bioclimatic pergola.


A modular structure with a new generation retractable cover, that allows you creating a variety of spaces dedicated to privacy, conviviality and relaxation, characterized by different sizes and a wide range of customisation.


Rialto is the ideal pergola created to give life to protected and elegant spaces. With a clean shape and a supporting profile of only 32cm, it is designed to integrate the Glass Series panoramic windows.

Brera P

Brera P is a full-optional version with retractable blades. It can be completed with the refined Raso awnings and the Glass Series closures.

Brera S

Brera S offers functionality and technology: a solid but visually light structure with compactable sunshade blades. The Brera S bioclimatic pergola can be enriched with Slide Glass sliding windows.

Brera B

Brera B is made up of profiles designed to take up minimum space and to fit discreetly into pre-existing shafts and spaces, satisfying any protection requirement.


Connect is the first bioclimatic pergola that brings together the essence of open air life with the pleasure of total privacy . An exclusive space created with mirrored walls that multiply the beauty of the context, and with the external surface of the pergola that constantly takes on new colors and shapes . The reality with a privileged point of view: yours.

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