Alfa – Hybrid Kit


The Alfa Kit Hybrid is the solution to get a hybrid oven, doubling your cooking possibilities as you choose the best of two fuels.




The hybrid oven allows you to use the gas-fired oven as it were a wood-burning one, being able to try different cooking modes as you alternate two fuels.

The choice of gas or firewood unleashes a world of cooking options and prevents you from running out of fuel.

In an article of our blog, we have analysed the benefits of the hybrid oven, focusing on the differences between cooking with gas or firewood.





* Allows you to use your gas-fired oven fueled by firewood.

* Compatible withAlfa Brio, Stone Oven and Dolce Vita gas-burning models.

* Can withstand very high temperature (over 1 000 °C).

* Made of AISI 441 stainless steel.

* It consists of two components: burner lid and wood holder.




The size of the Kit Hybrid is tailored to the oven so that it is quick and easy to install and remove.
Just cover the burner with the lid by introducing the round peel through the slot (not before shutting the gas supply off).

Once the gas burner is protected, just light the fire on the opposite side of the cooking chamber with the help of the wood holder to build up a great flame.


The Kit Hybrid includes two elements, the burner lid and the wood holder:

1. The burner lid covers the gas burner so as not to damage the gas supply when lighting the wood in the oven.

2. The wood holder comes in handy when you need to manage the fire inside the oven.

The Kit Hybrid is available for all domestic Alfa gas-fired ovens but the ONE, the smallest model. Below a table that indicates the size of the kit based on the Alfa gas-fired oven being used.


BRIO 17x50x4 cm 37×20 cm
STONE OVEN  13×39.5×4 cm 37×20 cm
DOLCE VITA  13×60.5×6 cm 59×23 cm
QUATTRO  13×60.5×6 cm 59×23 cm
OPERA 11.8x87x2 cm 59×23 cm
QUICK  Ø15×3 cm 59×23 cm


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