Qube Pedestals


A modern, chic pedestal thats perfect for an urban garden setting. These can be used as a stand for our Candle Lanterns, Luna Planter, Leaf & lattice balls or Artichokes.

This pedestal has a 4mm top, which enables you to safely place a decorative item on it.

A place in the garden



The Qube Pedestal embodies modernity and sophistication, making it the ideal addition to any urban garden setting. These sleek pedestals serve as versatile platforms, designed to complement our range of Candle Lanterns, Luna Planter, Leaf & Lattice Balls, or Artichokes.

One of the standout features of the Qube Pedestal is its 4mm thick top, ensuring a sturdy and secure surface for showcasing your chosen decorative item. Whether it’s a carefully selected ornament or a cherished piece of garden art, this pedestal provides a safe and stylish place for it to shine.

Incorporate the Qube Pedestal into your garden to create a contemporary focal point that exudes chic elegance, allowing your outdoor space to become an extension of your modern aesthetic.


40cm W x 40cm D x 90cm H // Weight: 27kg


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