English Pedestals


A timeless and classic pedestal design, taking inspiration from our esteemed English planter collection. These pedestals serve as versatile bases for showcasing our Candle Lanterns, Luna Planter, Leaf & Lattice Balls, or Artichokes. Notably, each pedestal boasts a 4mm thick top, providing a secure and elegant platform for displaying your cherished decorative pieces.

A place in the garden



Embodying classic and timeless design, our English Pedestals draw inspiration from our renowned English planter collection. These versatile pedestals serve as the perfect bases for a variety of decorative items, including our Candle Lanterns, Luna Planter, Leaf & Lattice Balls, or Artichokes.

Crafted with precision, these pedestals feature a 4mm thick top, providing you with a secure platform to elegantly display your chosen decorative piece.

With dimensions of 40cm in width, 40cm in depth, and a height of 86cm, these pedestals are both substantial and elegant. Their weight of 26kg ensures stability and durability, allowing you to confidently showcase your cherished decor in style.

In summary, our English Pedestals from A Place in the Garden are a perfect fusion of traditional aesthetics and practicality. These pedestals serve as a timeless foundation for your decorative items, allowing you to create captivating displays that elevate the beauty of your space.


40cm W x 40cm D x 86cm H // Weight: 26kg


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