Corten Steel Decorative Moongate 2300mm


Introducing our new Corten Steel Decorative Moongate 2300mm, featuring the S&G Patterned Moongate design. This contemporary reimagining of the traditional moongate incorporates our timeless “Branches” pattern, infusing a unique and modern twist.

Handcrafted from premium Corten steel, this garden sculpture not only adds a touch of elegance but also pays homage to the moongate’s traditional purpose of ushering in good luck. Versatile in its use, it can serve as a welcoming gateway or a striking contemporary sculpture, making it the perfect addition to any garden.

Corten steel is well-known for its sustainability and resilience, requiring minimal maintenance. As time passes, it develops a breath-taking auburn rust patina, seamlessly harmonizing with the natural landscape.

Installing these garden art pieces is a breeze, as they are securely affixed to a robust 10mm base plate, ensuring a seamless addition to your outdoor space. Elevate your garden’s ambiance with the Corten Steel Decorative Moongate, where tradition meets contemporary design for a truly unique and captivating outdoor experience.


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Contemporary Moon Gates for Your Garden Moon gates have a rich historical heritage in Chinese architecture, symbolizing harmony, unity, and the cycle of life. Traditionally used as entrances to gardens and outdoor spaces, they stand out with their distinctive shape and design.

Corten Steel Moon Gates bring this timeless concept into the modern era with a contemporary twist. Crafted from Corten steel, these moon gates exhibit a weathered and rustic appearance that seamlessly integrates with any outdoor setting. Corten steel possesses a unique quality, developing a protective layer of rust over time, imparting a natural, earthy ambiance that complements various gardens and landscapes.

Yet, the appeal of Corten Moon Gates extends beyond aesthetics – they are robust and enduring. Corten steel is renowned for its exceptional weather resistance, rendering it an ideal material for outdoor structures. It can brave the elements and the test of time, ensuring that your moon gate remains a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space for many years to come.

The moon gate carries profound symbolism. It is believed to usher in prosperity and good fortune for those who traverse it, and its shape is frequently regarded as a symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation. Infuse your garden with luck, elegance, and form by incorporating a readily installable moon gate.

We offer an array of sizes and designs to cater to your distinct preferences and requirements. From petite Corten Moon Gates that make a charming entrance to a garden or courtyard, to grand moon gates that create a dramatic focal point in any outdoor space, we have options to suit every space and style.

Our moon gates are easy to install, and our team is readily available to address any queries or offer guidance throughout the installation process. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Why not introduce an air of serenity and sophistication to your outdoor area with a Corten Steel Moon Gate? Whether you are constructing a tranquil sanctuary in your backyard or designing a public park, a moon gate is certain to enhance the beauty and allure of any landscape.

Durable Corten Steel Moon Gates Crafted from Corten steel, our moon gates are exceedingly durable, evolving over time from a slate gray hue to a rusted appearance. As the years pass, the rustic patina becomes even more exquisite than when initially installed, forming a captivating centerpiece in your garden.

Bespoke Services Available Our contemporary moon gates come in various sizes, ranging from 2000mm to 2300mm in diameter. They arrive as a single welded unit, simplifying the installation process.


Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 2300 × 250 × 2300 cm



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