Corten Steel Moongate – 2000mm diameter


Timeless Elegance for Your Garden: Crafted from Corten steel, our moon gates offer a touch of iconic simplicity that enhances your outdoor space. With their graceful design and proportions, these moon gates can serve as both a work of art and a functional archway. What sets them apart is the ease of installation, as they arrive as a single, pre-welded piece, ready to be placed directly in your garden

Is a Moon Gate Arch the Right Fit for Your Garden? Moon gates make a striking addition to your garden, offering versatility as an entrance or a captivating sculpture to captivate visitors. Crafted from Corten steel, these archways undergo a natural oxidation process, developing a rich rusted patina that adds character to your garden. Additionally, Corten steel’s durability enables it to withstand various British weather conditions. These low-maintenance, UK-manufactured products are also recyclable, making moon gates the ideal choice for your home.





Moon gates made of Corten steel are indeed a beautiful and timeless addition to any garden or outdoor space. Their iconic simplicity and elegant design can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Here are some key points to consider about Corten steel moon gates:

  1. Material: Corten steel is a popular choice for moon gates because it weathers and develops a rust-like patina, giving it a unique and rustic appearance. This natural rusting process also provides durability and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor installations.
  2. Structure: Moon gates are typically circular or semi-circular archways with a central opening. The simplicity of their design makes them stand out as an eye-catching focal point in your garden.
  3. Versatility: Moon gates can be used in various ways in a garden or outdoor space. They can serve as a decorative element, a trellis for climbing plants, or an entrance archway to different areas of your garden.
  4. Ease of Installation: The fact that your moon gate arrives as a single welded piece simplifies the installation process. It can be directly set in place without the need for complex assembly, making it a convenient addition to your garden.
  5. Sculptural Element: Moon gates often have an artistic and sculptural quality, making them more than just a functional structure. They can add a touch of artistry and elegance to your outdoor environment.
  6. Dimensions: The size of your moon gate can be customized to fit your garden’s specific dimensions and needs. Whether you want a small, intimate moon gate or a larger, more imposing one, you can work with a designer or manufacturer to achieve the right proportions for your space.
  7. Maintenance: While Corten steel is known for its durability, it’s still a good idea to perform occasional maintenance to ensure its longevity. This may include cleaning and resealing the surface to protect it from excessive rust.
  8. Landscaping: Consider the overall landscape design when incorporating a moon gate into your garden. It can be positioned in a way that frames a particular view, creates a pathway, or defines different garden sections.
  9. Lighting: To enhance the moon gate’s beauty during the evening, you can consider adding outdoor lighting around or on the gate. This can create a magical and inviting atmosphere after dark.

Corten steel moon gates are a fantastic way to add structure, style, and a touch of enchantment to your garden. Their natural weathering process and timeless design make them a lasting and iconic feature in your outdoor space.


Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 200 × 25 × 200 cm


Guidelines for Installing Your Corten Steel Moon Gate Your Corten steel moon gate is equipped with a welded base plate, measuring 900 x 500 mm, featuring 13.5 mm diameter fixing holes designed for M12 resin anchor fixings. We recommend the installation process, which includes creating a concrete pad on-site, with a depth of at least 200 mm, slightly larger than the base plate to ensure secure fixation. Ensure that the top of the pad is positioned 80 mm lower than ground level for optimal placement.


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