Blending Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi influences, Qrib seamlessly marries quality and style, elevating the BBQ experience to unprecedented heights. Featuring three distinct interchangeable grills, Qrib allows you to bake and grill meals to your liking, offering not only a culinary delight but also the pleasure of embracing the warmth of the fire. The grills’ extendibility introduces diverse temperature zones, while the two-way AirQontrol grants you precise control over the intensity of the fire.


Incl. Gripper and Grillplate standard

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As a blend of Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi cuisine, Qrib transcends the traditional BBQ concept, merging quality and style to create a ground-breaking experience.

  • 3 Grill Varieties Qrib offers three distinct grills, allowing the simultaneous use of two grills. Effortlessly switch between them using the gripper, enabling you to bake and grill in various styles, including Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi.


  • Portable Fireplace One of the grills serves a dual purpose, transforming Qrib into a portable fireplace. Enjoy the comforting warmth of a fire after relishing a delightful meal.


  • AirQontrol The innovative two-way AirQontrol simplifies fire regulation, promoting efficient fuel burning and minimizing smoke. Qrib utilizes charcoal for barbecuing and wood for creating a cosy fireplace ambiance.


  • Temperature Zones Extend the grill to adjust the temperature above the fire, creating versatile temperature zones. Vary the charcoal quantity in the two zones of the fire bowl to establish distinct temperature zones side by side.


  • 2 Undercarriage Options Qrib can be mounted on two lightweight, mobile undercarriage types. The first, boQ, is available in two different heights. The second, bloQ, allows for the connection of multiple units, enabling the creation of a simple outdoor kitchen.

























40 x 50 x 33 cm


Weight 41.5 kg




3 types of grills





Inspired by Japan


Creates temperature zones

Can also be used as a decorative fireplace

Combines teppanyaki and hibachi cuisine




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