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This is where fiQ’s modularity helps you to transform your backyard, terrace or other outdoor setting into your personalized outdoor living space. In the fiQ Circle, your guests forget their everyday worries and let themselves be entertained to a heart-warming outdoor experience.

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The little brother of the fiQ family with a diameter of 45 cm, suitable for any surface thanks to the insulated column. This model is standard equiped with a fixed grill grid and column S.


* Interface: Height adjustable
The height-adjustable interface enables the grill to be interchanged with other grill plates, grids or a wok holder.

* AirQontrol
The airQontrol air inlet allows for easy heat regulation, resulting in better fuel and thus less smoke.

* EasyQlean
The easyQlean functionality adds to the joy of the fiQ concept of outdoor togetherness. No more scrubbing after a BBQ or an evening of fire poking. Simply wipe the surface and ash tray with a moist cleaning cloth and your fiQ will be ready for use.

* 45 cm
* 1-4 persons




* Grill plate S
* Cone



* Corten
* Coffee
* White
* Black
* Granite Grey
* Metallic Blue

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