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Artola’s fiQ S is the compact member of the fiQ family, boasting a diameter of 45 cm and versatile placement options thanks to its insulated column. Designed to fit seamlessly into any space, this model comes equipped with a fixed grill grid and column S as standard features.

With its modest size, the fiQ S is perfect for various surfaces, making it a flexible and convenient choice for outdoor gatherings or small patios. The insulated column not only enhances its adaptability but also ensures optimal performance during grilling sessions.

The fixed grill grid provides a stable platform for cooking, while the included column S adds a touch of modern design to the overall aesthetic. Whether you’re a barbecue enthusiast or simply looking to elevate your outdoor cooking experience, the Artola fiQ S delivers a combination of compact design and practical features for a delightful grilling experience.

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Introducing the fiQ S incl. Column S Corten—a stunning addition to your outdoor space, the showpiece of your garden! This BBQ/firebox, crafted by Artola, features a grill ring that allows you to host large gatherings and create mouth-watering dishes. Comprising three essential components—the grill ring, the fire bowl with an ash pan, and the supporting column—this barbecue not only offers functionality but also adds an elegant touch to your outdoor ambiance. The entire structure is designed to stand tall and proud.

With various expansion options and accessories available, the fiQ S provides versatility for your outdoor cooking experience. The airQontrol air inlet technology enhances heat regulation, resulting in less smoke production. The easyQlean functionality simplifies the cleaning process, sparing you from post-use scrubbing. A quick wipe with a damp cloth effortlessly maintains the surface and ash pan, ensuring that your fiQ S stays in pristine condition.

Elevate your outdoor culinary adventures with the fiQ S incl. Column S Corten—a harmonious blend of functionality, style, and innovation by Artola.



EAN 87199926810
Brand Artola








Corten steel and Stainless Steel




50.2 x 50.2 x 31.3 cm




22.7 kg


Info Grate with ring and ash tray

Fire bowl and barbecue in one

Quick and easy to clean

Heat regulation for less smoke

Expandable with many accessories

Includes column with a height of 16.5 cm

Suitable for up to 4 people




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