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Barbecue Artola fiQ L with Column L Black

This is where fiQ’s modularity helps you to transform your backyard, terrace or other outdoor setting into your personalized outdoor living space. In the fiQ Circle, your guests forget their everyday worries and let themselves be entertained to a heart-warming outdoor experience.

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Barbecue Artola fiQ L with Column L Black

Gather your loved ones around the fiQ! This adaptable barbecue and fire pit is set to become the focal point of your outdoor gatherings. Brought to you by Artola, the fiQ boasts a sleek construction with black Corten steel and stainless steel. Its substantial dimensions of 88.5 x 88.5 x 102.3 cm and a weight of 109.5 kg guarantee a durable and impressive addition to your outdoor space.

Equipped with a practical scale, ring, and ashtray, the fiQ ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance. The unique airQontrol air inlet makes it easier to regulate heat, system minimizes smoke, resulting in better fuel and enhancing the overall cooking experience. Whether you’re hosting a grand feast for 20 or simply indulging in marshmallow roasting for dessert, the fiQ adapts to your needs. Explore additional accessories like a grill plate to expand your cooking options and create the perfect outdoor cooking setup.

The included column, standing at a height of 73 cm, elevates the fiQ for a more comfortable cooking experience. Take advantage of the 50 cm diameter to warm your hands by the fire. With its stylish design, easy cleaning, and versatile features, the fiQ is a essential for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. Embrace the fiQ into your outdoor lifestyle and elevate your barbecues to a whole new level.


Barbecue FiQ L 

EAN 8719992681105
Brand Artola








Corten steel and Stainless Steel




88.5 x 88.5 x 102.3 cm




109.5 kg


Dish with ring and ashtray
Fire bowl and barbecue in one
Quick and easy to clean
Heat regulation for less smoke
Expandable with many accessories
Including column with a height of 73 cm
Suitable for up to 20 people


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