fiQ XL Corten


fiQ XL Corten 

This is where fiQ’s modularity helps you to transform your backyard, terrace or other outdoor setting into your personalized outdoor living space. In the fiQ Circle, your guests forget their everyday worries and let themselves be entertained to a heart-warming outdoor experience.



 114.83 kg




 104.1 × 104.1 × 51.3 cm



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Discover the Artola FiQ XL: a versatile fusion of a BBQ and fire pit! Indulge in delectable dishes during a barbecue or transform the FiQ into a captivating fireplace for cozy gatherings with friends and family. Artola’s FiQ barbecue allows you to effortlessly create mouthwatering meals, featuring modular adjustments for hanging grills, grids, or wok holders. The innovative airQontrol air intake ensures easy heat regulation, leading to efficient fuel usage and minimal smoke production.

Not only can the FiQ be your go-to barbecue, but it also serves as a delightful fire pit. Gather around its warmth and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Bid farewell to post-BBQ scrubbing – a simple wipe of the coated surface and ash pan with a damp cloth restores the FiQ to its pristine state.

Available in various sizes and models, the FiQ BBQ Standard comprises a bowl, ring, and ash pan, providing the flexibility to function as a fire pit. Elevate your FiQ with the optional base (column), and easily convert the bowl into a barbecue with separately available accessories like the grill plate and handle interface.

Explore a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance your fire-side experience, including seats, tables, serving boards with catering rings, and stylish BBQ aprons that protect your attire. At Artola, they believe in the unifying power of fire, which provides warmth for cooking and creates a cosy ambiance. With over 50 years of experience in crafting aluminium pots and pans, Artola introduces the FiQ as a unique outdoor experience, aiming to give used products, components, and materials a second life with the utmost quality.






Width mm




Height mm




Diameter mm


People              1 -35 persons



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