Fontana – Maestro 40 Gas Pizza Oven


The rounded design of the Maestro 40 Pizza Oven provides the best possible air circulation inside the cooking chamber, this model is the only manufactured pizza oven showing the gas burner on the bottom of the burner and not to the side. The smoke circuit forces heat to travel around the rounded shape and to stay heated for longer. This results in producing a lower gas consumption and providing an even cooking experience. This is in line with traditional Italian cooking. The rainproof chimney and steel door provide complete protection from any heat stress.

The door includes a no-hot handle and an analog thermometer.

Cook Italian this summer!



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The smallest of the family, but with the largest cooking area on the market in its category: 40×40 cm. Made of painted steel and stainless steel, equipped with flue and rainproof chimney, steel door with no- hot handle and analogic thermometer. Inside, a very thick steel flame hitter improves heat distribution and protects the steel vault from any heat stress. The high performance of Maestro 40 is also guaranteed by the thick insulating material that insulates the vault, allowing you to reach high temperatures in less time with less fuel consumption.


1x Maestro 40 Gas Pizza Oven


Type of Fuel: Gas

External Dimensions:  55.2cm width x 56.5cm depth x 105cm including chimney pipe

Cooking Chamber Size:  40cm x 40cm

Chimney Diameter:  120mm

Weight:  45kg


Safety First
Please be careful when cleaning your pizza ovens. You should always wait until your pizza oven has cooled before you start cleaning, but you can still encounter hot spots, so you’ll also want to wear heat-resistant gloves. If you know it’s already completely cool, regular gloves to handle stubborn soot are perfect. Breathing in potential carcinogens is never healthy, so ensure that your nose, mouth, and eyes are covered.

Removing Ashes
Even though certain woods will add great flavours when cooking, their ashes need to be removed from time to time. Make sure you have a brass bristle brush and shovel. Use the brass bristle brush to sweep all the debris to the centre before using a shovel to lift it out. Keep repeating this step until everything has been removed, and then take an ash vacuum cleaner or brush to the inside for what’s left. We recommend avoiding chemical cleaners to clean the interior of the oven, as the stones could absorb the chemicals into your food. We also warn against using liquids to clean the stones, as this could lead to the stones cracking from thermal shock.

What can you do with the ash you remove from your wood-fired pizza oven?

Use it in the garden! No, you didn’t read that wrong; ashes contain tons of nutrients that your plants will love. Don’t have a garden? Store your ashes in a lidded container and use them as natural traction control for the winter months in place of salt.

Removing Soot
Soot is another thing you need to ensure you clean from your pizza oven. Just as with a working fireplace and chimney in the home, it’s important to ensure that oven soot is removed on a regular basis to prevent airflow blockages. Cleaning the soot build-up from oven walls is easy; just fire it up for a while. The high heat will easily eliminate soot; you’ll know when it turns white.

To clean soot from your oven’s flue and chimney, take a bristle nose brush and scrub as much of these surfaces as possible until you see very little dropping from the chimney, or none.

The Final Step
Now that you’ve removed the soot, ash, and other stuff from your outdoor oven, you’ll need to brush any remaining bits from the floor and walls, and then wipe it down with a damp cotton cloth.

Why cotton?

Because it absorbs the most dust and ash. The easiest way to reach all surfaces is to put the cloth at the end of a long stick.


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