Bull Premium Cover For Bison Built-In Grill


Shield your grill from the elements using this waterproof and breathable cover, ensuring your grill maintains its pristine appearance.



Introducing the Bull Bison Grill Head Cover (Item No: 72018) – your ultimate solution for preserving the impeccable condition of your grill in any weather. Crafted with heavy-duty vinyl construction, this cover ensures robust protection against the elements while maintaining breathability to prevent moisture build-up.

Equipped with strap ties for an added secure fit, the Bull Bison Grill Head Cover is designed to stay in place, even during windy conditions. This cover is tailored specifically to fit Bull Bison grills, providing a custom and snug enclosure.

Invest in the durability and reliability of the Bull Bison Grill Head Cover to safeguard your grill from rain, sun, and other environmental factors. With this waterproof cover, your grill will not only be shielded from the elements but will also continue to exude a pristine and well-maintained appearance. Upgrade your grilling experience and protect your investment with the Bull Bison Grill Head Cover – where functionality meets style.


76cm Bull Bison Grill Premium Cover (BLACK WITH RED PIPING)


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