Bull Diablo Built-In 6 Burner Gas BBQ 120cm


Elevate your outdoor kitchen with the BULL Diablo 6 Burner Built-in Natural Gas BBQ Grill Head. Crafted from premium 304 grade Stainless Steel, this high-spec grill is designed to withstand the test of time, making it a worthy investment for your dream outdoor culinary space. With a massive 116cm of cooking area, the Diablo stands as the largest among Bull BBQs, delivering an impressive 105,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Equipped with Reliabull heat technology, the Diablo ensures a consistently even grilling surface, eliminating hot and cold spots for impeccable results. Night-time grilling is made easy with internal lights, and the inclusion of a rotisserie and infrared rear burner adds versatility to your cooking options, allowing you to create a feast with ease. Unleash the power of the Diablo and experience the pinnacle of outdoor grilling.

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Elevate your outdoor culinary adventures with the Bull Angus Built-In 4 Burner Gas Barbecue, a 76cm stainless steel masterpiece designed to redefine your grilling experience. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this 30-inch drop-in grill is packed with power and features that set it apart.

The Angus is engineered for seamless integration into your outdoor kitchen island, blending functionality with style. Its robust construction, including a lifetime warranty on the firebox, cooking grates, and premium stainless steel cast bar burners, ensures both longevity and peace of mind. This grill is not just a cooking appliance; it’s a testament to Bull’s commitment to quality and innovation.


  1. Powerful Performance: The Angus boasts four burners that deliver exceptional cooking power, turning your outdoor space into a high-performance grilling haven.
  2. Premium Stainless-Steel Construction: Crafted from top-tier materials, the Bull Angus is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting durability, ensuring it stands the test of time.
  3. Lifetime Warranty: Bull stands behind the Angus with a lifetime warranty on critical components, including the firebox, cooking grates, and premium stainless steel cast bar burners, offering unparalleled confidence in your investment.
  4. 30-Inch Drop-In Design: Tailored for use in outdoor kitchen islands, the Angus seamlessly integrates into your culinary space, combining functionality with a sleek aesthetic.
  5. Versatile Cooking Options: With four burners at your disposal, the Angus allows for versatile cooking, from high-temperature searing to low and slow barbecuing, accommodating a range of culinary preferences.
  6. Precision Temperature Control: The grill is equipped with precise temperature control knobs, allowing you to fine-tune the heat for optimal cooking results.
  7. Ample Cooking Space: The 76cm grill provides ample space for grilling a variety of dishes, making it ideal for entertaining guests or preparing meals for the family.

Experience the epitome of outdoor grilling with the Bull Angus Built-In 4 Burner Gas Barbecue, where power, durability, and innovation converge to create a grilling experience like no other.




Standard Features

Powerful Performance


The Diablo boasts an impressive 105,000 BTUs of cooking power, ensuring rapid heating and consistent performance for a superior grilling experience.


Premium Stainless-Steel Construction


Crafted from high-quality 304, 14-gauge stainless steel, the barbecue exhibits robust durability, corrosion resistance, and a sleek modern appearance that stands the test of time.


Six Cast Stainless Burners


Equipped with six individually controlled cast stainless burners, each delivering 15,000 BTUs of heat, allowing for precise temperature control and versatile cooking options.


Infrared Back Burner


The Infrared back burner, generating 15,000 BTUs, adds versatility to your grilling repertoire, perfect for searing and achieving restaurant-quality results.


Single Piece Dual Lined Hood


The single-piece, dual-lined hood ensures heat retention and distribution, providing an optimal environment for various cooking styles and enhancing the overall efficiency of the barbecue.
Efficient Ignition System


Featuring Piezo igniters and Zinc Knobs, the Diablo offers a reliable ignition system for effortless start-ups and convenient control of the burners.


Durable Stainless-Steel Grates:


The solid stainless-steel grates not only deliver excellent heat retention but also provide a durable and easy-to-clean surface, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.
Accurate Temperature Monitoring:


The heavy-duty thermometer integrated into the barbecue allows for precise temperature monitoring, ensuring that your culinary creations are cooked to perfection every time.


Warming Rack:


A convenient warming rack provides additional space for keeping cooked food warm or for toasting buns, enhancing the overall efficiency of the grilling process.


Rotisserie Capability:


The Diablo features a stainless-steel rotisserie motor, allowing for slow and even roasting of meats, adding versatility and culinary flair to your outdoor cooking.


Twin Lighting System:


Illuminate your grilling space with the twin lighting system, providing optimal visibility during evening cookouts, enhancing safety, and allowing you to master the art of grilling at any time.


CSA Approved:


The Diablo Built-In 6 Burner Gas Barbecue is CSA approved, meeting high safety and performance standards, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Convenient Dimensions:


With box dimensions of Height 25.00, Length 50.00, and Width 26.00, and a unit weight of 216.00 lbs, the Diablo is designed for easy installation and fits seamlessly into your outdoor kitchen space.



Cooking Surface 115 cm x 49cm
Warming Rack 115cm x 18cm



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Warranty Details DIABLO BUILT-IN
Fire Box & Roasting Hood Lifetime
Cooking Grates Lifetime
Burners Lifetime
Flame Tamers 5 years


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