Adezz TAFELS GECOAT powder coated picnic set



Powder-coated galvanised steel picnic set

Table Steel 2300 x 790 x 750 mm

  • RAL 7021 (black grey) Matt
  • Weight 259kg

Combined with a single STORR table the seat is a beautiful picnic set.




Introducing the Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets with the STPNC.2300, a perfect combination of style and functionality for outdoor gatherings. These picnic sets are designed with a durable and eye-catching powder-coated finish, ensuring both visual appeal and long-lasting performance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets feature the STPNC.2300.ZnRC model, which offers a generous size of 2300 mm in length. This ample tabletop space provides plenty of room for food, drinks, and other picnic essentials, making it ideal for family gatherings, social events, or simply enjoying a meal in the great outdoors.

The powder-coated finish not only enhances the sets’ aesthetic appeal but also provides a protective layer against scratches, rust, and weathering. This durable coating ensures that the picnic sets maintain their sleek and vibrant appearance, even with regular outdoor use and exposure to the elements.

Constructed with high-quality materials, including zinc-coated components, the Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets offer exceptional durability and resilience. The zinc coating provides added protection against corrosion, extending the lifespan of the sets and allowing you to enjoy memorable picnics for years to come.

The Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets with the STPNC.2300.ZnRC designation are designed to effortlessly blend with any outdoor setting. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny day at the park, a beachside getaway, or a tranquil garden retreat, these sets complement the natural surroundings while providing a comfortable and convenient picnic experience.

Upgrade your outdoor gatherings with the Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets, combining the benefits of a powder-coated finish, durable construction, and timeless design. Enjoy memorable picnics and create cherished moments with family and friends, all while appreciating the impeccable style and functionality of these exceptional sets.


• 2300 X 7980 X 750 mm

• powder painting

• Upon delivery, it is essential to promptly unpack all products.

• Exposure to UV radiation, weather conditions, and wind can cause any type of (hard) wood to turn gray. The final color will depend on the wood’s initial color.

• As a natural product, wood undergoes natural movements, expanding or contracting with changes in temperature and humidity.

• During the airing process, rust residues may detach from the product, potentially causing stains.

• It is strictly prohibited to drill or grind into the material.


Our benches are always equipped in:

• Mounting holes for mounting to surfaces

• 5-year warranty

• 10 mm galvanised steel + 2 layers – Frame material


Seat material

• Material: Garapa


• Regular cleaning (WOCA exterior surface cleaner) and sealing (WOCA exterior oil) of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood
lasts longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning by removing dirt with clean tap water.
Note! Do not use a high pressure washer.


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