Adezz STORR Gecoat Benches


FURNS – Street furniture

The benches, seats, and tables feature sturdy 10 mm Corten Steel or Steel frames and Garapa Hardwood cladding, combining strength and visual simplicity. The modular leg design allows for easy connection between seats or benches, providing flexibility in configuring the seating arrangement.



Storr Corten Steel Benches: A Fusion of Style and Durability

Storr Corten Steel Benches are a remarkable combination of aesthetic appeal and robust durability. Made from weathering steel, commonly known as Corten steel, these benches offer a unique blend of functionality and design. With their distinctive rusty appearance and exceptional resistance to corrosion, Storr Corten Steel Benches have become a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Corten steel is a type of steel alloy that develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements. This natural rusting process not only adds character to the material but also creates a protective barrier that shields the underlying steel from further corrosion. It is this weathered look and exceptional durability that make Corten steel an ideal choice for outdoor furniture, including benches.

Storr Corten Steel Benches are designed with careful attention to detail, combining clean lines, sleek profiles, and sturdy construction. The weathering steel is skilfully crafted into contemporary and minimalist designs that effortlessly blend with various architectural styles and surroundings. Whether placed in urban parks, gardens, public spaces, or private courtyards, these benches can enhance the visual appeal of any environment.

One of the standout features of Storr Corten Steel Benches is their adaptability to different weather conditions. The protective rust layer formed on the surface acts as a barrier against corrosion, making these benches highly resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures. This resistance ensures that the benches remain functional and retain their aesthetic charm for an extended period, even in harsh outdoor environments.

Moreover, Storr Corten Steel Benches offer exceptional strength and stability. The solid construction and sturdy frames provide a reliable seating solution for individuals of all ages. Whether used in busy public spaces or more tranquil settings, these benches can withstand constant use and maintain their structural integrity over time. This durability is further enhanced by the inherent properties of Corten steel, ensuring that the benches require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Another advantage of Storr Corten Steel Benches is their versatility in terms of placement options. They can be customized to suit different lengths, widths, and heights, allowing for flexible seating arrangements in various settings. Additionally, the benches can be combined with other materials, such as wood or concrete, to create visually striking contrasts or harmonious compositions.

In conclusion, Storr Corten Steel Benches offer a winning combination of style and durability. With their weathered aesthetic, exceptional resistance to corrosion, and robust construction, these benches are a reliable and visually appealing seating option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to enhance a public park, garden, or private courtyard, Storr Corten Steel Benches can add a touch of elegance and longevity to your environment.


600 x 440 x 430 mm

1500 x 440 x 430 mm

2300 x 440 x 430 mm



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