Adezz Storr Picnic Set Corten – 2300x2070x750


STORR benches – a landscape from our future

2300mm x 2210mm x750mm Table STORR Corten

600mm x 440mm x 430mm

Weight: 463kg

Corten steel table for the garden or for use in public spaces: e.g. parks




The STORR series stands out for its simplicity, both in terms of visual appeal and affordability. When combined with a single STORR table, the seat transforms into a beautiful picnic set. In case the bench exceeds the standard length, additional support will be provided in the middle for added stability.

These standard material choices ensure a robust and long-lasting construction for the benches, while the Garapa wood provides a comfortable and appealing seating surface.

The STORR series offers a range of attractive, simple, and affordable options, including benches that can be transformed into picnic sets with the addition of a table. Additional support is provided for longer benches, and we also offer complementary products such as picnic sets, litter bins, and bicycle stands. Our benches are designed with mounting holes and come with a 5-year warranty. The standard materials used, including Corten steel and Garapa wood, ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal.


Our benches are always equipped in:

• Mounting holes for mounting to surfaces
• 5-year warranty (expiring)

Standard material
Frame material

• 10 mm Corten steel
• 10 mm galvanized steel + 2 layers
powder painting

Seat material
• Material: Garapa



• All products must be unpacked immediately upon delivery.
• Any type of (hard) wood will turn gray due to UV radiation, weather and wind. The final color depends on
initial color.
• Wood is a natural product that “works” and contracts or expands with temperature and humidity.
• Hardwoods can turn black on contact with Corten steel, which will eventually turn gray.
• Corten steel should never be constantly wet, it should have good drainage and ventilation in all situations.
• Corten steel products are not (completely) rusted on delivery, we only use Corten steel type S355JOWP.
• Coastal areas: We do not recommend using Corten steel within 2 km of the coastline.
• Rust residues may peel off the product during the airing process, which can lead to stains.
• Drilling / grinding into the material is prohibited.


• Regular cleaning (WOCA exterior surface cleaner) and sealing (WOCA exterior oil) of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood
lasts longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning by removing dirt with clean tap water.
Note! Do not use a high pressure washer.


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