Adezz STORR Corten steel picnic set



Corten steel picnic set

Table Steel 2300 x 790 x 750 mm

  • Corten Steel
  • Weight 259kg

Combined with a single STORR table the seat is a beautiful picnic set.




Introducing the Picnic Sets Corten Steel STPNC.2300.Ct, a fusion of modern design and rugged durability for outdoor dining experiences. These picnic sets are crafted with Corten steel, renowned for its distinctive weathered appearance and exceptional strength.

The STPNC.2300.Ct model features a spacious tabletop measuring 2300 mm in length, providing ample room for meals, snacks, and beverages during your outdoor gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a family picnic, a casual get-together, or enjoying a peaceful moment in nature, these picnic sets offer a functional and stylish solution.

Made from Corten steel, these sets are built to withstand the elements and develop a unique patina over time. The inherent properties of Corten steel allow it to resist corrosion and withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.

The STPNC.2300.Ct picnic sets exude a contemporary aesthetic with their sleek lines and the striking appearance of weathered steel. This distinctive look adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting, whether it’s a backyard, park, or urban landscape. The Corten steel material provides a visually appealing contrast against the natural environment, creating an eye-catching focal point for your outdoor space.

Beyond their visual appeal, the Picnic Sets Corten Steel STPNC.2300.Ct are designed for practicality and comfort. The sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, while the spacious seating allows for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with loved ones or simply savoring the tranquility of nature, these sets offer a versatile and inviting space to create cherished memories.

Elevate your outdoor dining experiences with the Picnic Sets Corten Steel STPNC.2300.Ct, where the resilience of Corten steel meets contemporary design. Embrace the unique character of weathered steel and immerse yourself in the beauty of outdoor living, all while enjoying the functionality and style of these exceptional picnic sets.

Upgrade your outdoor gatherings with the Storr Geocoat Picnic Sets, combining the benefits of a powder-coated finish, durable construction, and timeless design. Enjoy memorable picnics and create cherished moments with family and friends, all while appreciating the impeccable style and functionality of these exceptional sets.


• 2300 X 7980 X 750 mm

• Upon delivery, it is essential to promptly unpack all products.

• Exposure to UV radiation, weather conditions, and wind can cause any type of (hard) wood to turn gray. The final color will depend on the wood’s initial color.

• As a natural product, wood undergoes natural movements, expanding or contracting with changes in temperature and humidity.

• Contact with Corten steel can cause hardwoods to blacken, with the steel itself eventually transitioning to a gray color.

• To ensure optimal performance, Corten steel should never remain constantly wet. Adequate drainage and ventilation should be provided in all situations. • Our Corten steel products are not delivered fully rusted; we exclusively utilize Corten steel type S355JOWP.

• For areas near the coastline, we do not recommend using Corten steel within a 2 km radius.

• During the airing process, rust residues may detach from the product, potentially causing stains.

• It is strictly prohibited to drill or grind into the material.


Our benches are always equipped in:

• Mounting holes for mounting to surfaces

• 5-year warranty

• 10 mm Corten steel – Standard material


Seat material

• Material: Garapa


• Regular cleaning (WOCA exterior surface cleaner) and sealing (WOCA exterior oil) of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood
lasts longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning by removing dirt with clean tap water.
Note! Do not use a high pressure washer.


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