Vertical Flowerpots


The Vertical flowerpot is a beautiful and decorative flowers suspension, which in its simplicity gives life to your wall inside as well as out.




The Vertical Flowerpots is a beautiful and decorative flowers suspension. In its simplicity it gives life to your wall inside as well as out. The material is coated polyester and is waterproof. Aluminum carabiners hang in thick ropes.

This is one of our most popular pots, as it is space saving and has a unique design. Hang it in the kitchen, on the terrasse or on the balcony to store many plants in little space. You can also hang many pots side by side, to create a sort of a wall in the office or at home. With the Vertical Flowerpots you can ensure to have some green plant up in the high. You can also use the flowerpots for storage. Using the flowerpots for herbs in the kitchen, you will have more space on the kitchen table. This optimises your space.

The flowerpots consist of four flowerpots in the same size and colour. The rope matches the colour of the flowerpots. You can choose from four colours, which all give a special look. The four colours are beige, white, grey and black.



0.55 kg


200 × 15 × 14 cm


Beige canvas, Black, Light Grey, Navy, White


Coated polyester


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