Verona Zinc Planters


Discover the Verona Planters by A Place in the Garden, a contemporary square design boasting a flared base and unassuming rim. The Verona Planter seamlessly integrates into any garden setting, offering versatile functionality as an entrance marker, pathway lining, or courtyard accent. As time progresses, these planters gracefully develop a captivating, aged patina, infusing them with a timeless, antique allure.

Upon arrival, the planters exhibit a weathered zinc finish, a visual testament to their durability. With the passage of time, the natural oxidation process takes centre stage, gradually illuminating the planters to a lighter hue. For added convenience, these planters feature a drainage hole equipped with a rubber bung, affording you the choice of indoor or outdoor use.

Elevate your garden aesthetics with the Verona Planters from A Place in the Garden, where contemporary lines harmonize with classic elegance. Immerse yourself in the fusion of design and practicality, recognizing that each element has been meticulously curated to enhance your outdoor space’s appeal and adaptability.

A place in the garden



Presenting the Verona Planters by A Place in the Garden – a modern square planter that captivates with its unique design. Featuring a flared base and understated rim, the Verona Planter is a sleek addition to any outdoor space. This versatile piece seamlessly blends into your garden, offering myriad possibilities for use – from defining entrances to accenting courtyards or lining walkways.

This planter’s allure only deepens with time. Developing a graceful, aged patina, the Verona Planters acquire a timeless antique charm that adds character to your surroundings. Initially arriving with a weathered zinc finish, these planters gradually lighten as they undergo the natural oxidation process, a transformation that contributes to their enduring elegance.

Designed with your convenience in mind, the Verona Planters are equipped with a drainage hole and a rubber bung. This thoughtful feature allows you to seamlessly integrate them into both indoor and outdoor settings, providing you with the flexibility to curate your space as you envision.

Elevate your garden with the Verona Planters from A Place in the Garden, where contemporary aesthetics merge seamlessly with classic charm. Immerse yourself in the interplay of design and function, knowing that every detail has been crafted to enhance your outdoor sanctuary’s beauty and versatility.


 Small 45cm W x 45cm D x 45cm H // Internal Measurements: 38cm x 38cm // Weight: 16kg
Medium 55cm W x 55cm D x 55cm H // Internal Measurements: 48cm x 48cm // Weight: 24kg
Large 70cm W x 70cm D x 70cm H // Internal Measurements: 62cm x 62cm // Weight: 38kg


100cm W x 40cm D x 50cm H // Internal Measurement of 92cm x 33cm Top // Weight 28kg





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