Ravello Planters


Discover the latest addition to our collection – the Ravello Planters by A Place in the Garden. Embodying a contemporary essence, these planters boast clean lines that redefine modern elegance. Available in three distinct sizes, these round planters share a common theme – each one is wider than it is tall.

These circular marvels bring an unmatched charm when employed to delineate entrances and staircases. Imagine the impact when you group one of each size, arranging them in descending heights. This trio of planters becomes more than just a display; it transforms into a captivating statement that graces your outdoor space with unparalleled beauty.

A place in the garden



Introducing the captivating Ravello Planters, a sophisticated creation by A Place in the Garden. These planters redefine contemporary elegance with their simple yet striking clean lines. Crafted to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, the Ravello Planters are a testament to modern design sensibilities.

Available in a range of three sizes, these round planters share a captivating common theme – each one boasts a width greater than its height. This unique attribute lends a distinct visual appeal, setting them apart from traditional planters.

The circular grace of the Ravello Planters lends itself to a multitude of creative uses. These planters excel at defining entrances and staircases, making a grand impression on anyone who approaches. For a dramatic touch, consider arranging one of each size in descending height order. This trio doesn’t just form a display; it transforms into a captivating statement piece, infusing your outdoor space with an air of sophistication.

Elevate your surroundings with the Ravello Planters by A Place in the Garden. Immerse yourself in the interplay of clean lines and contemporary design, creating an outdoor ambiance that’s both captivating and enchanting.


Small 60cm Dia. x 50cm H // Internal Measurement: 46cm Dia // Weight: 24kg
Medium 70cm Dia. x 60cm H // Internal Measurements: 56cm Dia // Weight: 33kg
Large 80cm Dia. x 70cm H // Internal Measurements: 66cm Dia // Weight: 47Kg






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