Höfats Triple Pole


TRIPLE pole – when the TRIPLE Table is not being used on the vertical pole with the cooking grid, it gets its own stand with TRIPLE Pole.

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Swivelling cooking grate

The cooking grid can be adjusted in height and swivels without the need for tools. When the handle of the cooking grid is tilted, it unlocks and the cooking grid can move up and down the pole. Release the handle to secure it in a new position.



What this multi-talent can do

TRIPLE offers you continuous heat control – for grilling, frying and cooking, as the optional cooking grates and plates swivel and are height adjustable via a pole. Rotate the plate outwards and you’ve got a side table or an extra work surface. Swivel it towards the fire and you have a fantastic hot plate or plancha.


Who needs ‘round’ when ‘angular’ can be just as nice?

What better geometric shape for a modular, mobile and multifunctional fire pit than a hexagon? There are hardly any other basic geometric shapes that exude balance and harmony, while offering a clear view of the most important thing: an open fire. TRIPLE is the result of these ideas. The clear, angular design provides a fascinating visual contrast to the open flames and a beautiful centrepiece for balmy summer evenings! The hexagonal shape also impresses with its wide range of functions: It can be dismantled into three equal parts, making it easy to stow away and transport in a space-saving manner. The matching accessories, shape and function come together in perfect harmony. Classic höfats!


  • table holder
  • allows the table to be mounted separately, height adjustable and swivels
  • for TRIPLE 65 and TRIPLE 90


TRIPLE pole – when the TRIPLE Table is not being used on the vertical pole with the cooking grid, it gets its own stand with TRIPLE Pole.



TRIPLE Pole 40

Dimensions: Ø 2 cm, 40 cm length
Weight: 0.5 kg
Material: brushed stainless steel

TRIPLE Pole 55

Dimensions: Ø 2 cm, 55 cm length
Weight: 0.6 kg
Material: brushed stainless steel

What makes TRIPLE unique

Take your fire wherever you want with TRIPLE! The modular hexagonal shape can be assembled and disassembled in no time at all and transported without taking up too much space. So use TRIPLE just the way you want – as a BBQ or fire pit. The open and angular shape allows for a great view of the most important thing: the open

Fire bowl on tour

Fancy a road trip or a unique event outdoors? Take your fire with you! The three ultra-compact modules can be easily stacked, so there’s always plenty of space. It’s quick and easy to put TRIPLE in the car and leave everyday life behind!


TRIPLE is incredibly versatile: use up to three cooking grates at the same time. Use the hot plate to create extra shelf space or make tea, coffee or fiery soups and stews. You can also grill a tasty steak on it! All grates and plates swivel, are fully height adjustable and very easy to assemble.

An iconic shape

Six corners, six edges – the hexagon looks like a special leaf or flower when viewed from above. The iconic shape means two things for TRIPLE: a clear view of the fire and unique mobility. As the three equal diamond-shaped segments can be disconnected and reassembled in no time at all. Simply fix in place with a few screws and then fire it up!

Resistant materials

TRIPLE is made from corten steel which is also used on building sites due to its durability. Unlike conventional steel, corten steel forms a stable layer of rust which regularly regenerates itself. This vivid, unique rust patina is a barrier that protects the material against progressive corrosion, continuously regenerates itself and ensures long-lasting enjoyment! By the way: corten steel is 100% recyclable!

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Which is the right size for you?

TRIPLE comes in three sizes. The compact TRIPLE 65 is ideal for smaller places and trips. TRIPLE 90 is perfect for slightly bigger groups in the garden or out and about. TRIPLE 90 can be raised 20 cm with optional feet. TRIPLE 120 provides you with a pure campfire feeling and the biggest area for your fire.

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