Premium Firewood


Premium firewood – Wood is an important renewable resource and its sustainable consumption means that the amount of wood that can be harvested has to be matched by the amount of wood that will be regenerated. We support this principle with our firewood from sustainable forestry.



Hardwood from sustainable German forestry
Easy to light & smokeless combustion thanks to max. 20% residual moisture
Mixed smaller and larger logs


The term “sustainability” is an integral part of our linguistic usage. But did you know that the term “sustainability” has its origins in forestry? Hanns Carl von Carlowitz first used the term in 1713 in his publication on sustainable forestry. Sustainable forestry means that only as much wood is harvested as can grow back. In Bavaria, the forest stand even grows from year to year. Wood is an important renewable resource that grows right on our doorstep. We use wood as a building material, but also to make paper and many other products. The resulting sawdust is perfect to use as firewood and thus make holistic use of the tree.


Size: 40x26x27
Weight: 12kg

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