BBQube Woodburning Stand Alone Unit : Heater Only


The Definitive Garden Patio Heater: The Garden BBQube Stand Alone Unit Transforms Outdoor Recreation and Lifestyle. This magnificent outdoor wood-burning stove is engineered for lifelong durability. The BBQube Unit serves as the ideal addition to your outdoor patio, deck, or seating area. Available as a standalone model, it’s also designed for seamless integration into your outdoor kitchen or seating area – the ultimate means to elevate your outdoor space to new heights!

Add Accessories
BBQube Outdoor Cover £85
Pizza stone £34
Wok Ring £102
Flue Extension Kit £184
Butterfly Valve for Flue £59
45-Degree Flue Bend Kit £52
Replacement Fire Bricks £190
Replacement Lid Rope Seal £33
Heat-Proof Gloves £22
BBQube Door Glass £55
Atmosfire Glass Door Cleaner £17
Touch-up Paint £49



 Explore the BBQube Woodburning Stove – Stand Alone

Introducing the HeatQube: Heater Only, a premium heating solution designed for those who want to enhance their outdoor haven. The HeatQube is provided without a wheeled base, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your custom outdoor entertainment space. Meticulously crafted, this heater fulfils your desire to make the most of your beloved outdoor area.

The Ultimate Garden Patio Heater

The Garden BBQube Stand Alone Unit is revolutionizing outdoor entertainment and living. This remarkable outdoor wood-burning stove is constructed to endure a lifetime. The BBQube Unit is the perfect addition to your outdoor patio, deck, or seating area. This BBQube model is available as a standalone unit, perfect for incorporation into your outdoor kitchen or seating area, elevating your outdoor space to new heights

Built to Last Through the Years

A well-maintained HeatQube ensures long-lasting dependability, delivering a secure heat source and versatile cooking options over an extended period. In addition to exceptional performance and adherence to environmental standards, the HeatQube is backed by a 5-year Warranty. Like all HeatQube products, this collection is carefully engineered to meet the highest technical standards, utilizing premium-grade materials.

Preserving the Environment

The well-thought-out air supply design results in a substantial reduction in smoke production compared to other solid fuel outdoor heating devices. Any minimal smoke that does arise is effectively channeled away from the unit and its surroundings through a short flue pipe.

Efficient Heat Management

Operating in a manner reminiscent of a wood-burning stove, this heater utilizes a single lever to control the airflow into the chamber, thus regulating the heat output. The presence of a glass door makes refuelling easy while ensuring the captivating glow of the flames remains consistently visible.


Key Features

  • Provided with no base for you to build into your own outdoor entertaining space.
  • Ideal if you wish to compliment an existing barbecue on your patio.
  • Fuel: Wood for warmth.
  • Powerful heating performance.
  • Keeps you effortlessly warm.
  • Spring loaded door.
  • Unique, coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Lateral air adjustment lever for easy burn control.
  • Two part flue included.
  • Aluminium door handle.
  • Protective gloves included.


Every BBQube is inspected and certified to the highest quality and carries a 2-year warranty for materials and workmanship. The Warranty is valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the BBQube or part in question and covers:

  • Metal components
  • Glass components
  • Rope seal
  • Accessories provided with BBQube
  • Temperature gauge


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