45-Degree Flue Bend Kit


Introducing the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit, an essential accessory for customising your BBQube grill setup, this kit offers versatility and convenience for your outdoor cooking needs.

With the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit, you can easily adjust the angle of your BBQube flue to 45 degrees, enabling seamless installation through surrounds or diverting the flue away from surrounding obstacles. This kit provides you with the flexibility to tailor your grill setup to your specific outdoor space, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

Enhance your BBQube experience with the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit, now available for purchase. Simply add it to your cart and enjoy greater customization options for your outdoor cooking adventure




Introducing the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit for the BBQube grill – the ultimate solution for flexible flue installation. Designed to provide versatility and convenience, this kit enables you to easily angle the flue of your BBQube at 45 degrees.

With the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit, you have the freedom to install your BBQube grill through a surround or divert the flue away from surrounding obstacles with ease. Whether you’re facing space constraints or need to navigate around obstructions, this kit offers a simple yet effective solution.

Upgrade your BBQube grill setup and enjoy seamless installation in any outdoor space with the 45-Degree Flue Bend Kit. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced flexibility for your outdoor cooking adventures.


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