Introducing the Veneto Water Fountain – A Timeless Classic with Seven Rectangular Spouts.

Drawing inspiration from classical design, the Veneto Water Fountain boasts a detailed top and seven elegant rectangular spouts. Its understated and sophisticated charm makes it the perfect addition to any garden or urban space.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, the Veneto Water Fountain features a zinc material that gracefully lightens over time, revealing a beautiful antique, aged patina. This natural aging process adds character and allure, infusing the fountain with timeless beauty.

Experience the captivating elegance of the Veneto Water Fountain as it brings a touch of sophistication to your outdoor setting. Allow the soothing sound of flowing water to create a serene ambiance, transforming your garden or urban space into a tranquil oasis.

Embrace the classic allure and enduring charm of the Veneto Water Fountain, where design and functionality unite to redefine the essence of outdoor beauty. Let this spectacular water feature be the centerpiece that elevates your outdoor sanctuary, enriching your space with a touch of elegance and serenity.

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Introducing the Veneto Fountain – A Chic and Contemporary Multi-Spout Water Feature for Your Garden or Urban Oasis.

Elegantly understated, the Veneto Fountain exudes modern charm, becoming a chic centerpiece that enhances the allure of any garden or urban space. Its multi-spout design adds an element of sophistication to your outdoor setting.

Crafted to perfection, the Veneto arrives in an already pre-weathered finish that gracefully lightens over time, giving it a timeless and aged look that exudes character and elegance.

Operated as a completely self-contained system, the Veneto Fountain requires no external water supply. Ingeniously recycling water from the catch reservoir and pumping it into the back reservoir, this fountain creates a continuous and mesmerizing water flow, infusing your space with tranquility.

Choose from four distinct designs to suit your personal style and outdoor ambiance. Each option comes equipped with a built-in submersible pump, ensuring efficient and reliable water circulation.

Embrace the contemporary charm and self-sufficiency of the Veneto Fountain, where elegance meets functionality. Let this captivating water feature redefine the essence of outdoor beauty, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere in your garden or urban sanctuary. Elevate your outdoor experience with the Veneto Fountain, and indulge in the harmonious flow of water and the sophisticated allure it brings to your outdoor haven.


 Veneto Tall (Code: VEN60WF)
  • 60cm wide, 40cm deep and 150cm high // Weight 42kg.


Veneto Low (Code: VEN120WF)
  • 120cm wide, 40cm deep and 70cm high // Weight 66kg (2022 Re-design)


Veneto Square (Code: VEN130WF)
  • 100cm wide, 50cm deep and 130cm high // Weight 70kg.


Veneto XL (Code: VEN150WF)



  • 150cm wide, 55cm deep and 150cm high // Weight 107kg.




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