Introducing the Tiber Fountain, a timeless water feature characterized by its classic design. The fountain boasts a gracefully curved top and a single spout, adorned with our distinctive “Belgian Circle” pattern on the front reservoir. Adding the Tiber Fountain to your garden or courtyard promises to infuse tranquillity and serenity into the space.

The Tiber Fountain comes in a pre-weathered finish that gradually lightens over time, lending it a natural, weathered charm. What’s more, this water feature is entirely self-contained, eliminating the need for a separate water supply. Its ingenious mechanism operates by recycling water from the catch reservoir and redirecting it into the back reservoir through a built-in Submersible pump.

Now, you have the option to choose from three appealing styles: Square, Tall, and Curved Trough, each offering unique spouts. The ‘Square’ and ‘Tall’ styles feature a Tubular Spout, while the ‘Curved’ style showcases a graceful semi-circular waterspout.

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Introducing the Tiber Water Fountain: A Timeless Classic of Tranquillity

Embrace the elegance of classical design with the Tiber Water Fountain. Its simple curved top and single spout exude a timeless charm, while the trademark “Belgian Circle” design on the front reservoir adds a touch of sophistication. This water feature promises to infuse any garden space or courtyard with a sense of tranquillity and peace.

The Tiber arrives in a pre-weathered finish that ages gracefully, becoming slightly lighter over time, adding to its rustic allure. Completely self-contained, this fountain eliminates the need for a water supply, making it incredibly convenient to install and enjoy.

Operating on a recycling system, the Tiber draws water from the catch reservoir and pumps it back into the back reservoir, creating a continuous flow of water that mesmerizes and captivates. With a built-in submersible pump, this fountain ensures smooth operation and a hassle-free experience.

Now available in three styles, the Tiber offers versatility to suit your preference. Choose from the Square and Tall styles, both featuring a tubular spout, or the Curved Trough style, which boasts a semi-circular waterspout.

Indulge in the serene ambiance and classical beauty of the Tiber Water Fountain. Let the gentle sound of flowing water and its graceful design create a captivating oasis in your garden or courtyard. Embrace the timeless appeal of this water feature that brings both elegance and tranquillity to your outdoor space. The Tiber Fountain is a true masterpiece that elevates the essence of relaxation and harmony in your surroundings.


Tiber Square (Code: TIBI120WF)
  • 120cm wide, 60cm deep, 115cm high // Weight 77kg.


Tiber Square (Code: TIBI120WF)
  • 120cm wide, 60cm deep, 115cm high // Weight 77kg.


Tiber Tall (Code: TIBI130WF)
  • 65cm wide, 55cm deep, 165cm high // Weight 66kg.






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