Monitor Audio Climate CLG140 Outdoor Speaker (Single)


Install this speaker in your garden, on ground level or on your garden deck, mounted onto a tree, pole or garden fence for great sound outdoors.

The CLG140 satellite speaker is a robust high sensitivity design built to deliver richly detailed hi-fi quality mid/high frequencies



Product Description

Monitor Audio Climate CLG140 Outdoor Speaker brings hi-fi quality sound to your garden or outdoor space. An all weather satellite speaker designed to blend in to your garden landscapes.

Discreet Aesthetics

Designed to be installed in your garden, the CLG140 speakers are finished in a dark brown colour that is able to blend seamlessly into outdoor environments without standing out too much. The speaker casing can also be painted a different colour if required.

Designed to Last

Naturally, a garden speaker will be exposed to many different weather conditions. To protect against this the speaker uses a rigid conic polymer enclosure for the C-CAM Gold Tweeter and MMP mid/bass driver which is robust and offers protection against extreme temperatures.

Key Features

  •  4″ MMP II bass-midrange driver
  • Coaxially aligned 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter
  • Optimised for high sensitivity and wide dispersion
  • Internal matching transformer for 70/100 V line level operation
  • Designed to operate under extreme climatic conditions from -20 to 70 C
  • Rigid, high impact polymer cabinet for long life and durability
  • Bracket mounting made from die-cast aluminium alloy
  • Garden spike (CLG-SPIKE R) and mount (CLG-MOUNT) available separately
  • Certified to IP55 rating
  • Encapsulated cable runs inside bracket and spike for discreet appearance
  • Dark Brown finish blends with garden colours, but enclosure is paintable to blend with alternative settings
  • Applications include garden and deck areas: system expands with garden size
  • PTC protection against power overload


Warranty length: 5 Years
Colour: Black
Brand: Monitor Audio


Tech Specs

– Frequency Response (-6 dB): 100 Hz — 30 kHz
– Sensitivity (1W@1M): 88 dB
– Line Level Voltage: 70/100 Volt line level
– Maximum SPL: 104 dBA
– Power Handling (RMS): 40 W (crossover set to minimum 100 Hz@12 dB/Octave)
– Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 10-40 W per speaker
– Drive Unit Complement
– 1 x 4″ MMP II cone bass-mid driver
– 1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter – Coaxially oriented
– Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz at a minimum of 12 dB/Octave (24 dB/Octave optimum)
– External Dimensions (Excluding Spike and Mount (H x W x D))
– 130 x 175 mm (51/8 x 67/8″)
– Total Bracket Pivot Angle: 32° in all directions
– Connection: Encapsulated cable connection
– Environmental Protection Rating: IP55
– Operating Temperature Range: -20° to 70° C / -4° to 158° F
– Dispersion: 60 degrees
– Weight: 2.08 kg (4 lb 10 oz)

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