Escape P9 Speaker – Tan


Introducing the Escape® P9, a cutting-edge wireless high-fidelity music system that redefines your audio experience – A reference in portable HIFI speakers. 

Designed to deliver superior sound quality, the Escape® P9 features five high-quality speakers equipped with advanced components for unparalleled performance. Each speaker is meticulously crafted with an aluminium dust cap, optimized deep polypropylene (PP) cone, linear flat spider, and a vented voice coil driven by a powerful magnet.

At the heart of the system is a 20 cm (8-inch) subwoofer, boasting a custom-designed composite fiberglass-reinforced basket to support its oversized magnet. The combination of the linear flat spider and vented voice coil ensures the reproduction of deep, powerful, and accurate low frequencies.

Driving the exceptional sound performance are two powerful 24-BIT DSP processors, which handle digital signal processing and various equalizer algorithms with precision. The built-in audiophile amplifier, delivering an output of 100 Watts RMS and a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, is fully optimized to complement the capabilities of the five speakers.

Furthermore, the Escape® P9 incorporates advanced bass management technology, providing music enthusiasts with the ultimate audio sensation. Whether you’re enjoying your favourite tracks or immersing yourself in a cinematic experience, the Escape® P9 delivers an unparalleled audio journey that captivates the senses.

Portable battery/mains powered water resistant speaker with Bluetooth and network capability. App controlled. Available in Tan, Black and White


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The Escape® P9 wireless high-fidelity music system boasts cutting-edge technology designed to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Here’s a breakdown of its impressive features:

  1. Superior Sound Quality: Equipped with five high-quality speakers, including an 8-inch subwoofer, the Escape® P9 ensures exceptional sound reproduction.
  2. Advanced Speaker Components: Each speaker features an aluminium dust cap, optimized deep polypropylene (PP) cone, linear flat spider, and vented voice coil, all driven by a powerful magnet. These components work together to deliver clear, detailed sound across the entire frequency spectrum.
  3. Custom-Designed Subwoofer: The 20 cm (8-inch) subwoofer is specially designed with a composite fiberglass-reinforced basket to support its oversized magnet. This design ensures robust bass performance with precise control and accuracy.
  4. Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Two powerful 24-BIT DSP processors handle digital signal processing and various equalizer algorithms, optimizing audio playback for exceptional clarity and fidelity.
  5. Audiophile Amplifier: The built-in audiophile amplifier delivers 100 Watts RMS of power and features a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, perfectly matched to the system’s five speakers. This ensures optimal performance and balanced sound reproduction.
  6. Base Management: The advanced base management system enhances the low-frequency performance, providing music enthusiasts with a rich and immersive audio experience.

Overall, the Escape® P9 wireless high-fidelity music system is engineered to satisfy the most discerning audiophiles, delivering breath taking sound quality and exceptional performance across the entire frequency range.


Audiophile Digital Power Amplifier:


  • Total Capacity: 100 Watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Digital Interface:


  • Interaction via a dedicated app for iOS® and Android™
24-Bit DSP Processors:


  • Two powerful processors for optimal tone control and sound field processing algorithms
  • Advanced bass management for an immersive audio experience
USB Flash Drive Audio Input:


  • Endless audio playback via USB Flash Drive
  • Plug and play functionality with full keypad control
Impressive Bass Reproduction:


  • Punching out deep and powerful bass
  • Subwoofer Diameter: 8 inches (20 cm)
Universal 3.5mm External Input:


  • For portable audio sources
  • Separate external input for the M1 Air module
Bluetooth® 4.2:


  • Supports Advance Audio Coding (AAC), Qualcomm® aptXTM audio, SBC AudioCodes, and A2DP 1.3.1


Rechargeable Battery:


  • Powerful lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery
  • Provides 16 wireless listening hours at background volume or 8 hours at typical listening volume
Twin Mode Capacity:


  • Combine two Escape® P9 units in a stereo configuration via Bluetooth®
Internal Charging System:


  • Supports 240 V / 50 Hz, 110 V / 60 Hz
  • Convenient recharging of the battery via a power cord




  • Net Weight: 12.30 KG
  • Product Dimensions: 731mm (H) x 220mm (W) x 220mm (D)


  • High quality portable Hi-Fi system


A contemporary timeless look thanks to the use of durable and luxurious material. Both discrete and highly decorative colours to blend in with al styles of interior and exterior.
  • 360 omni-directional sound


High-quality custom built full-range speakers provide an enveloping and detailed soundstage.
  • 16 hours continuous playback time


A powerful rechargeable battery of a new generation constructed of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) provides 16 wireless listening hours at background volume or 8 hours at typical Weatherproof listening volume.
  • Weatherproof design


Stylish grille made from a durable multi-filament polyester yarn with a soft and natural material effect. Optimised weave pattern for a crystal-clear sound. Elegant and well-balanced powder coated die cast aluminium handle and extruded side trims.
  • Twin mode


Twin mode capacity for combing TWO ESCAPE P9 in stereo configuration via Bluetooth.
  • Future-proof concept
The compartment under the removable P9 keyboard accommodates the M1 Air expansion module.






Music sources

Use your phone or tablet to stream music to the P9 via Bluetooth® through one of the many radio and music apps.


  • Radio player
Install the app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. This way you can listen to over 500 radio stations from across the UK in high quality via the P9.
  • Spotify

Spotify works on both your computer, tablet, and smartphone. You can use Spotify for free, but you can also subscribe to Spotify Premium for a fee and create your own playlists
  • Tidal


TIDAL is a paid music streaming service with hi-fi sound along with expertly curated playlists
  • Apple music



Apple Music is Apple’s streaming music service. Apple Music’s library consists of millions of songs that you can listen to unlimitedly through a monthly subscription
  • YouTube musicfoto
YouTube Music is a service from YouTube where one can listen to music via streaming, browse music tracks and watch music videos

Audio inputs



Listen to your favourite music wirelessly in high quality via Bluetooth® ACC or aptX


Do you have a large collection of CDs or legally obtained MP3 files? Copy them onto a USB stick and place it in the P9 USB input under the cover of the P9 keyboard for hours of carefree listening pleasure. The USB input is also used for software updates
Aux 1


Via the universal Aux input located under the cover of the P9 keyboard, you can connect any audio player with a 3.5 mm stereo jack output. (External MP3 player, portable CD player, etc…)
Aux 2


Technologies evolve and the P9 features a compartment under the keyboard to keep up with the most relevant innovations via an expansion module.


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The original Escape® P9 app

New for the P9. Full control via the Escape® Remote app

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