Maze – Alfresco Charcoal Indoor and Outdoor Rug


Experience the unique and natural sisal look of the Timber flatweave rug collection. Crafted with a smart combination of multicolored tone-on-tone polypropylene yarn and innovative design constructions, these rugs offer durability and style. Their natural, timeless appearance and easy maintenance add value to any indoor and outdoor living space. With a smooth backing that protects your floor, the Timber rugs create a cozy and inviting ambiance for both indoor and outdoor living.




Elevate your living experience with the Maze Alfresco Charcoal indoor and outdoor rug, a remarkable fusion of practicality and design. Meticulously crafted with high-quality polypropylene yarn and innovative construction techniques, this rug offers exceptional durability and longevity.

Featuring a stunning multicolored tone-on-tone pattern, this rug effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any living space. The intricate design enhances the visual appeal, creating a captivating focal point that complements various decor styles. Its natural and timeless appearance ensures it seamlessly integrates with your existing furnishings, bringing a touch of sophistication to both indoor and outdoor areas.

The Maze Alfresco Charcoal rug is designed to withstand the demands of both indoor and outdoor use. The high-quality polypropylene yarn provides excellent resistance against wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Whether placed on your patio, deck, or in your living room, this rug maintains its impeccable look and performance in any setting.

Maintenance is a breeze with this rug. Its easy-care nature allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Simply remove any dirt or debris with a brush or hose, and the rug will continue to look fresh and vibrant, retaining its original allure for years to come.

With its smooth backing, this rug not only adds an extra layer of protection to your floor but also provides a comfortable and cozy environment. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet moment, the softness underfoot enhances your overall comfort and enjoyment.

Enhance your patio, living room, or any other space with the Maze Alfresco Charcoal rug and elevate your living experience to new heights. Its fusion of practicality and design makes it a valuable addition that complements any lifestyle and decor preference. Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel and timeless beauty of this rug, creating an inviting atmosphere that you and your guests will cherish.

In summary, the Maze Alfresco Charcoal indoor and outdoor rug combines practicality and design effortlessly. With its high-quality construction, captivating pattern, and easy maintenance, it exceeds expectations in both functionality and style. Whether used to enhance your outdoor living area or to add warmth to your indoor space, this rug creates a visually stunning and comfortable environment. Embrace the fusion of elegance and durability with the Maze Alfresco Charcoal rug and elevate your living experience.

What’s Included:

1x Rug

2 sizes:

160 x 230cm

200 x 290cm


  • Use indoors & outdoors
  • UV resistant fabric weave
  • suitable for floor heating
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Hardwearing construction
  • Easy care & maintenance
  • 1 year warranty guarantee




Main Colour               Alfresco Charcoal
New for the Season  2023
Main Material Polypropylene
Product Type Rug


Easy care and maintenance. Thanks to the UV-stabilized, non-shedding and hard-wearing, stain-resistant polypropylene yarn, the Alfresco rugs can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and are very easy to maintain.


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