This blanket is both warm and light at the same time. It is made with 50% Eco wool and 50% Organic Chinelle Cotton.

It comes in two colour combinations, which are reversed on each side. Both color variants are designed with a focus on round and soft shapes and can, therefore, be mixed and matched with the entire lounge collection from TRIMM Copenhagen



Introducing the TRIMM Copenhagen Blanket, a versatile and cozy essential for all your comfort needs. This exceptional blanket is meticulously crafted to provide both warmth and lightweight comfort simultaneously.

Made with a blend of 50% Eco wool and 50% Organic Chinelle Cotton, this blanket offers the perfect balance of insulation and softness. The combination of wool and cotton ensures optimal warmth while maintaining a gentle touch against your skin.

Designed and drawn by the talented Rikke Gjørlund, the TRIMM Copenhagen Blanket showcases thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is available in two stylish color combinations, Infinite Arches and Balanced Soul. Each side of the blanket features a reversed color scheme, creating visually striking patterns. Infinite Arches blends white and beige hues, while Balanced Soul combines soothing shades of grey and white.

Whether you’re lounging outdoors in our exquisite furniture or enjoying a cozy evening indoors, this blanket is the ideal companion. Its generous size makes it suitable for single or double use, ensuring you stay snug and comfortable.

Whether you need extra warmth during chilly evenings or a cozy companion for indoor relaxation, the TRIMM Copenhagen Blanket is designed to meet your needs. Wrap yourself in its soft embrace and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.



Weight  1 kg
Dimensions  180 × 140 cm
Colour  Black Sun, Balanced Soul, Infinite Arches
Material  50% Eco wool, 50% Organic Chenille Cotton

・Wash at max 30 degrees Celsius
・Wool program
・Do not dry clean
・Do not tumble dry

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