HÖFATS Spin 120 Lantern


SPIN – a wild whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder conjures up the finest campfire atmosphere in your living room, on your balcony or your terrace. An eye-catcher that burns completely clean thanks to organic höfats bioethanol and radiates long-lasting warmth to all sides. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories, SPIN reinvents itself again and again and lets you enjoy the warming play of flames indoors as well as outdoors.

Size 120 cm

Weight 5.6 kg

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HÖFATS Spin 120 Lantern £159
HÖFATS Spin Refill Cup £9
HÖFATS Stand Spin Elevation £22
HÖFATS Spin Ground Spike £20
HÖFATS Spin Base £30



The spin was created for the home and garden.

The warm dancing flame creates a feeling of calm and well-being and forms a beautiful spinning light that immediately captures the imagination.

As the sun goes down the Spin lights up the evening, whether it’s placed in the centre of a table ready for dining or attached to a spin pole in the ground within the garden.

The heart of the Spin is the flame, the air is drawn up and through the three baffles on the base, this affects the thermal properties of the flame causing the dancing and spinning effect.  The glass tube encloses and enhances the flame and draws it upwards to create this beautiful light, this thermodynamic principle increases the flame by 500%.

The clean flame uses Bioethanol oil at its source, which when burnt only creates water vapour so it has no harmful fumes and does not damage the environment.


SPIN – Comfortable warmth, cosy crackling and convivial togetherness are the distinctive characteristics of fire that have always cast a magical spell over us. SPIN captures exactly this unique campfire atmosphere in a spectacular way in a glass cylinder and lets your balcony, your terrace, your living room or your dining table shine in the gentle light of the flames.

The fascinating play of flames convinces with first-class aesthetics, sophisticated functionality and uncompromising safety. Based on natural höfats bioethanol, the simple-looking SPIN immediately transforms into a spectacular whirl of flames when the glass cylinder made of heat-resistant borosilicate is placed on top.

The warmth of the fire spectacle can be enjoyed safely and cleanly. The sustainable höfats bioethanol burns odourless and smoke-free for approx. 60 min (SPIN 90) or 80 min (SPIN 120). You want to end the rotating flame earlier? Simply place the enclosed extinguishing lid on the glass cylinder and the flame will die out within seconds.

SPIN leaves a lasting impression – as a tabletop fireplace, standing on the floor, as a garden torch and also as a floating hanging fire. The numerous award-winning design product gives you creative freedom and thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories, you will find the right flame whirl for every occasion.

Attention: SPIN is not permitted as a heater in permanent use


  • tabletop fireplace with optional extension to a lantern, garden torch or hanging fire
  • multi award-winning design
  • 500 % flame boost: rotating flame & chimney effect
  • radiates pleasant heat: 1200 W using SPIN 90
  • safe use also indoors, certified by a laboratory for indoors in accordance with DIN EN 16647
  • odourless and smoke-free thanks to organic höfats bioethanol
  • burning time SPIN 90 approx. 60 min. with approx. 225 ml höfats bioethanol burning gel
  • scope of delivery: base, wing body, gel fuel cup, glass cylinder, extinguishing lid
  • Please note: Our organic höfats bioethanol is not included in the scope of delivery!


Dimensions: Base: Ø 23 cm, glass tube: Ø 12 cm, 54 cm height mounted
Weight: 4.3 kg
Material: housing: stainless steel; glass cylinder: borosilicate glass

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