HÖFATS Gravity Candle Foot, Base Silver



The Gravity Candle Foot is an additional element to the pole, it is fixed to the base of the pole which makes the Gravity Candle free standing, ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting.


foot stand for gravity candle pole
brushed stainless steel
secure stand

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Base for SPIN 90

Base bottom with anti-slip and surface protection

SPIN base – transforms SPIN from garden torch to table fire.


Base for SPIN 120

This allows the garden torch to be converted into a table fire
also allows it to be used as a free-standing garden torch (only with SPIN 120 Base Ø 23 cm), on firm, level ground
use of the ground spike – outdoor only!

SPIN base – With this accessory, the garden torch becomes a table fire and conjures up a campfire atmosphere on your balcony, terrace and even in your living room. When you want the torch to stand freely, you can mount the solid base for SPIN 120 (Ø23 cm) without tools.


There are even more uses for SPIN with the SPIN Base. There are no limits to your imagination. Use SPIN as a table fire or free-standing as a torch, on a solid surface.




SPIN 90 

Dimensions: Ø 19 cm; 1 cm height

Weight: 1.87 kg

Material: stainless steel


SPIN 120

Dimensions: Ø 23 cm; 1.5 cm height

Weight: 2.78 kg

Material: stainless steel

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