Höfats Ellipse Fire Bowl


Höfats Ellipse is a designer fire pit with excellent functionality

Ellipse is a sculptural fire bowl made of corten steel

Corten steel will age to a rusty finish without any rotting of the steel

Ellipse can be placed in a neutral position, or for extra heat just where you need it can be tilted towards a seating area, this makes Ellipse unique!

This is also a very handy feature should the breeze pick up during use, just tilt to protect the fire

Its stand provides stability and is, at the same time, the mounting of the rounded bowl.

The base also serves as an ash container, this is another unique feature!


Stylish fire bowl

ELLIPSE fascinates with its aesthetic design. Thanks to the flowing shape of an ellipse, the fire bowl allows an unrestricted view of the flames from every side. The unique rust patina underlines the deliberately reduced design and protects the robust Corten steel material. Practical: The perfectly fitting foot also functions as an ash holder.

What this multi-talent can co

Whether a tiltable fire bowl or extra-large BBQ area with grill grate (accessory) – ELLISPE is a perfect starting point for an unforgettable time outdoors. To regulate the heat when grilling or to create different zones, just move the embers on the large tray. Do you want to raise the height of your grill? That’s no problem with up to two optional foot elements! And when you’re done? Just empty the embers and ashes into the foot! Then place the fire bowl upside down on top, and the fire is smothered. Clean and safe.



A simple silhouette with amazing functionality.

Few things fascinate us humans as much as a simple shape that transforms into a practical tool from one second to the next. We felt the same way about ELLIPSE. The idea: An aesthetically curved fire bowl with an elliptical basic shape and a precisely fitting base that is also the ash container. At the end of the design process, a sculptural beauty in Corten steel was born, whose simple silhouette reveals amazing functionality in the blink of an eye: variable height, tiltable, with a simple but effective grill option and many other features. It’s a fascinatingly simple design that inspires from the first spark to the end of the party Unconventional, independent and extremely versatile!


  • fire bowl and grill
  • tilting fire bowl: Wind protection and heat alignment
  • safe & clean finish
  • ariable height with additional foot elements (accessories)
  • corten steel: (100% recyclable), develops a lively, unique rust patina



ELLIPSE – A sculptural fire bowl made of Corten steel, with amazing functionality! Variable height, tiltable, with surprisingly simple and effective grill option.

A sculptural and versatile fire bowl! The ideal centrepiece for a campfire atmosphere. Raise the fire bowl lengthwise to protect the flames from the wind or to reflect heat in one direction. Hungry? Hang the grill grate on the higher side edge and treat your guests to a delicious barbecue! The geometrically perfectly coordinated base allows ELLIPSE to stand stably and securely. It also serves as an ash container so you an extinguish the fire quickly and cleanly. How? Lift the fire bowl on the short sides using gloves and empty the embers and ashes into the base. Then cover it with the inverted firing tray and you’re done! The remaining fire will be smothered and go out.
ELLIPSE is made of 100% recyclable Corten steel. The robust metal forms a lively, unique rust patina that protects the material so it will last for a long time!


Dimensions: 110 × 57 × 36 cm
Weight: 17.5 kg
Material: corten steel, (develops a vivid, unique rust patina)

What makes ELLIPSE unique

ELLIPSE impresses with its elegance and function. Thanks to the gently curved shape, your guests can enjoy a box seat with an unobstructed view of the fire. In a tilted position, ELLIPSE protects the flames from the wind or reflects the heat in a certain direction. Hungry? Just put on the grill grate and you can spoil your guests with juicy steaks, sausages, fish or veggies! What else can ELLIPSE do? Find ou

Dynamic fire bowl

You can organise cosy evenings outdoors in a flexible way with ELLIPSE. For example, start with an atmospheric campfire and then use the embers for a barbecue. The optional stainless steel grate can be easily hooked onto the slightly raised edge. What could be better than enjoying a view of the flames after a meal? When it gets chilly, tilt the fire bowl towards your guests and send out cosy rays of warmth. And when you’re done? Just let the ash slide into the foot and cover it with the inverted bowl. Simple, clean and safe!

Easy grilling

It’s so easy to turn ELLIPSE into a grill: lift one side of the fire bowl using gloves and hook the grill grate onto the raised edge. Now you’ve got space for your grill! To regulate the heat or create different zones, just move the embers as needed on the large tray.

Variable height

Would you like to place the fire bowl or the grill a little higher? You can use up to two optional foot elements. Just stick them on and you’re done! No tools needed. A practical feature at the end: Just empty the embers into the foot and extinguish your fire safely and cleanly!

Durable material

ELLIPSE is made of 100 % Corten steel. This robust and weather-resistant alloy is also used in architecture. Unlike conventional steels, Corten steel forms a stable rust layer that renews itself independently. It’s a lively, unique rust patina that stops further corrosion, protects the material and makes it last a long time. By the way: Corten steel is fully recyclable.

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