Beefeater Discovery 1500 4 Burner Gas BBQ & Side Burner Trolley

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The Beefeater Discovery 1500 4 Burner Gas BBQ & Side Burner Trolley represents a top-tier outdoor grilling apparatus tailored for enthusiasts who hold durability, power, and versatility in high regard. Equipped with four robust stainless-steel burners, a generously sized cooking surface, and a convenient side burner trolley, this BBQ yields outstanding grilling outcomes and furnishes practical storage solutions. The cast iron cooktops excel in heat distribution, ensuring consistent and delightful results.

Crafted from premium materials, endowed with user-friendly attributes, and fortified by a weather-resistant cover, the Beefeater Discovery 1500 stands as a paragon of longevity and a source of awe with its formidable performance and practicality. The control cover panel can be seamlessly closed for a tidy appearance when the BBQ is idle, and conveniently flipped down to serve as a practical shelf when you’re actively grilling.

What’s Included
  • 1x Beefeater Discovery 1500 4 Burner Gas BBQ
  • 1x Aluminium Cabinet Trolley
  • Integrated Side Burner & Side Shelf
  • 1x FREE Gas Regulator & Hose


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The Beefeater Discovery 1500 4 Burner Gas BBQ & Side Burner Trolley stands as a superior outdoor culinary device, tailor-made for those who relish the art of grilling, delight in hosting gatherings in their backyard, and derive pleasure from creating delectable feasts for family and friends. This BBQ is meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional grilling experience, with its robust build, potent burners, and the added convenience of a side burner trolley.

A distinguishing feature of the Beefeater Discovery 1500 lies in its quartet of robust stainless-steel burners. These burners are engineered for consistent heat distribution across the cooking surface, ensuring you achieve the perfect sear on your steaks, evenly cook poultry and vegetables, and consistently attain outstanding grilling outcomes. The burners are ignited with a reliable electronic ignition system, streamlining the process of firing up the BBQ swiftly, so you can dive into grilling without delay.

The generous cooking surface of the Beefeater Discovery 1500 is roomy, providing ample space for preparing meals for a crowd. It is adorned with cast iron cooking grates designed to retain heat efficiently and offer excellent searing capabilities. The grates are also coated with a durable enamel finish, rendering them easy to clean after your culinary endeavours.

Another remarkable feature of the Beefeater Discovery 1500 is its side burner trolley, an addition that expands your cooking horizons and provides supplementary cooking real estate. Powered by gas, this side burner is the perfect ally for crafting side dishes, flavourful sauces, and other accompaniments while your main cooking surface remains busy. Furthermore, the side burner trolley encompasses a handy storage cabinet underneath, affording ample room for stowing your BBQ tools, utensils, and other essentials.

The Beefeater Discovery 1500 is ingeniously constructed with an eye toward endurance. It boasts a resilient stainless-steel framework capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor usage, including exposure to the elements. Complementing this, the BBQ comes with a premium weatherproof cover that safeguards it from the elements when not in use, extending its life span and ensuring it remains in peak condition for years to come.

In terms of user convenience, the Beefeater Discovery 1500 is thoughtfully designed. It boasts a built-in temperature gauge on the hood, simplifying the task of monitoring cooking temperatures. The BBQ features sizeable, easy-to-grip knobs that facilitate precise control of heat settings. Moreover, the side shelves furnish additional workspace for food preparation and plating, and they can be conveniently folded down for streamlined storage when not in use.

To conclude, the Beefeater Discovery 1500 4 Burner Gas BBQ & Side Burner Trolley is a premium outdoor culinary device that embodies durability, power, and versatility. Whether you’re grilling up succulent steaks, savoury burgers, an array of vegetables, or any other culinary delights, this BBQ is engineered to help you achieve exceptional outcomes and astound your guests with your culinary finesse. With its superior construction, potent burners, and the convenience of the side burner trolley, the Beefeater Discovery 1500 is the ultimate choice for grilling enthusiasts who demand nothing but the finest in outdoor cooking.


1500 Series – 4 Burner BBQ & Side Burner Trolley

  • Seamless and stylish flip down control cover panel for a seamless stylish look
  • Cast iron cook tops for great heat distribution and consistent results
  • Start cooking quickly and easily with our quartz start ignition system
  • Seal in the flavour with our durable and powerful 4.2kW cast iron rail burners
  • Double skin stainless steel roasting hood with temperature gauge for great indirect cooking results
  • No fuss and easy to use drip tray for a fast clean up
  • Fully welded burner box to withstand high heat over time and prevent grease leaks on your patio
  • Large warming rack to preheat food or for keeping it warm
  • A rollback hood that allows the BBQ to sit snugly against the wall
  • Spacious 304-grade stainless steel side shelves for food preparation and easy reach
  • Cook delicious stir fries with a powerful built in wok burner
  • Stylish vented side panels for a modern look
  • Full capacity storage cabinet to keep store the essentials and keep things tidy
  • 4 heavy duty and lockable swivel castor to make your barbecue easy to move
  • 5-year warranty



  • Trolley type Cabinet Trolley
  • Trolley construction Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel
  • Trolley wheels and feet lockable castor wheels


Barbecue Frame
Aluminium Die cast end panels, fold down front panel
Roasting Hood
Double layered stainless steel outer hood Black Enamel inner with Temperature Gauge
Aluminium with high Temperature paint on 4 castor wheels, EU Gas cylinder height
Burner Type
Cast iron x 4
Cook Top Type
RF Technology – cast iron with ‘satin’ finish
Cook Top Configuration
400mm Grill / 400mm Plate (Area = 3840 cm²)
Individual vented stainless steel x 3
Warming Rack
Chromed, raised and hood hinged – 640mm
Piezo ignition through control Knobs
Side Burner / Shelf Form
Aluminium shelf x 1 , Aluminium s/b shelf x 2
Heat Source
LPG standard with CE Approval for NG Conversion
Main Barbecue Output
21.2 kW
Side Burner Output
4.2 kW
Limited 5 Years ‘No Nonsense’ Commitment


  • Gas powered
  • Gas connection set up LPG


Beefeater 1500 4 Burner Cabinet BBQ Dimensions

Cook Area 3840cm²
Grill 400mm
Plate 400mm
Height 1152mm
Width 1672mm
Depth 639mm
Weight 77kg
MJ/hr 72



5 Year Rust Free Warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.

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