The XL Big Green Egg


Introducing the Bigger Green Egg, offering the same incredible flavor and versatility but with an abundance of cooking space. This model is immensely popular among families, those who frequently entertain large gatherings, and individuals seeking to create truly impressive meals. With the Bigger Green Egg, you get an expanded capacity to meet your cooking needs, ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Included with the grill are the essential ConvEGGtor and a durable Stainless Steel Grid, enhancing your cooking experience and enabling you to explore a wide range of culinary possibilities.

Fits at any one time: 1 Christmas Turkey + Trimmings, 11 Chickens, 12 Steaks, 24 Burgers, 21″ Pizza 



The XL Big Green Egg is a versatile and highly regarded cooking appliance that has gained a significant following among outdoor cooking enthusiasts. It is part of the Big Green Egg product line, which features a range of ceramic kamado-style grills known for their exceptional heat retention and versatility.

The XL Big Green Egg is the largest model in the Big Green Egg lineup, offering an impressive cooking surface area of 452 square inches. This ample space allows for a wide variety of cooking methods, from grilling and smoking to baking and roasting. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or preparing a meal for a large gathering, the XL Big Green Egg provides the capacity and versatility to handle your culinary needs.

One of the standout features of the XL Big Green Egg is its exceptional heat retention capabilities. The ceramic construction of the grill helps it maintain a consistent cooking temperature, making it ideal for long, slow cooks or high-temperature searing. This heat retention also allows for efficient fuel usage, as the grill requires less charcoal compared to traditional grills.

The XL Big Green Egg’s temperature control system is another aspect that sets it apart from other grills. With precise airflow control, you can easily adjust the temperature to achieve the desired cooking conditions. Whether you want to smoke a brisket at a low and slow temperature or sear a steak at high heat, the XL Big Green Egg gives you the flexibility to do so with ease.

The versatility of the XL Big Green Egg extends beyond grilling and smoking. With optional accessories such as baking stones, convEGGtors for indirect cooking, and a variety of cooking grids, you can transform your XL Big Green Egg into a pizza oven, a smoker, or even a rotisserie cooker. The wide range of accessories available allows you to explore various cooking techniques and expand your culinary horizons.

In addition to its cooking capabilities, the XL Big Green Egg is also known for its durability and longevity. The ceramic construction is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist cracking, ensuring that your investment lasts for years to come. The grill is also backed by a strong warranty, providing further peace of mind to its owners.

Overall, the XL Big Green Egg is a versatile, durable, and high-performance cooking appliance that has captured the hearts of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its exceptional heat retention, precise temperature control, and expansive cooking surface area make it a preferred choice for those who enjoy the art of outdoor cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a beginner looking to elevate your outdoor cooking game, the XL Big Green Egg is a reliable and versatile companion for all your culinary adventures.



• External EGG diameter: 27″/ 69cm
• External EGG diameter INCLUDING the hinge and handle: 32″/ 82cm
• Cooking Surface diameter: 24″/ 61cm
• Weight: 205lbs / 93kgs
• Height 32″ / 82cm
• Colour: British Racing Green


• XL Big Green Egg
• ConvEGGtor
• Firebox
• New and improved Fire Ring & Fire Grate
• Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
• rEGGulator
• Tel-Tru Thermometer Dome Gauge
• Standard Kerbside Shipping included.



  • Its an oven too

The EGG is so much more than a barbecue. With the ConvEGGtor at your disposal (included with every EGG purchase), you can make pizza, hot-smoked salmon and sourdough bread. You can pull off astonishing brisket, pulled pork and ribs or just prepare for the greatest roast chicken of your life.


  • Youre in control 

Ready to cook in 12 minutes. 80+ hours of cooking in one bag of charcoal. Easy depth of flavour, minimal clean-up, and the power to cook ANYTHING to a restaurant standard. With an EGG, you’re in safe hands.


  • The Egg sings in the rain

Rain or shine, nothing will dampen the performance of your EGG. It’s not a fair-weather investment, it’s a lifetime investment.


  •  From not to hot in 20 minutes flat

The EGG’s patented airflow technology means that you’ll go from 0˚C to 300˚C in a cool 20 minutes.


  • The super-sized outdoor oven 

The Big Green Egg turns everything you thought you knew about barbecuing on its head. The XL boasts all the groundbreaking features of our other EGGs, just on a bigger scale. Quantity and quality.


  • If you can dream it you can cook it 

Thanks to a larger surface area, you can be more ambitious with your cooks. Whether you’re whipping up a Sunday Roast for your family or want to cook an entire suckling pig for an event – the XL offers versatility.


  • Unparalleled Efficency

Thanks to its NASA-grade ceramics and pioneering design, our XL benefits from stellar fuel economy. This means that with very little charcoal, you could cook for a banquet hall of people!


  • Eight ways to cook, endless possibilities 

Rotisserie, Roast, Low & Slow, Bake, Grill, Smoke, Pan Cooking, Dirty Cooking




We offer a convenient and complimentary Kerbside Delivery service for your order. With this delivery method, our courier will place the EGG on a pallet outside your property. It’s important to note that the EGG and base are heavy, so you’ll need an additional pair of strong hands to bring it safely into your garden. Please make sure to arrange for the disposal of the pallet as well.

Due to high demand, the current lead time for delivery is 10-14 working days. To ensure a smooth delivery process, please select your preferred delivery date from the provided drop-down menu. We understand that there may be unforeseen delays beyond our control, such as national driver shortages. Rest assured, we will make every effort to keep you informed should any such delays affect your order.


Please contact us if you have any problems with the quality of your product or delivery service.

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