Terrazzo Table Big


The Terrazzo Table Big is a luxury lounge table for outdoor use which consists of a metal frame of stainless steel and a Terrazzo tray. The tray is handmade in Vietnam and the frame is made in Poland. The ground is loose on top of the frame.

The Terrazzo Table Big consists of a luxury outdoor table frame in stainless steel and a Terrazzo Tray, which together creates a stylish and beautiful outdoor lounge table.

Use the Terrazzo lounge table together with our other lounge furniture and create a cozy, eminent seating area to invite guests over.



Terrazzo table Big consists of a metal frame in stainless steel and a terrazzo tray in a diameter of 55 cm, which together form a luxurious and stylish lounge table for outdoor use. The tray can also be removed and used separately as a large dish. The frame is powder-coated and available in two beautiful colours: aluminium and dark metal grey. Terrazzo table Big is available in two colours: black and white. The frame has the same colours as our other metal furniture, and they can therefore also be matched with them if desired.

The tray is handmade in Vietnam and the frame is made in Poland. The table is made with a focus on soft, round shapes. The small, coloured stones in the Italian material give the surface a unique look. The Terrazzo Tray is sensitive to minus degrees and heavy rain, so please take the Tray inside overnight during wintertime and continuously bad weather. In addition, the table is also easy to clean, and can therefore be used all year round.

The stylish table will fit perfectly with our other lounge furniture, such as Brick Sofa or Arm-strong Lounge chair. This composition would be perfect in the garden when you are with friends on a summer day.

23.5 kg

80 × 80 × 45 cm

Black/Alu grey, Black/Dark grey, White/Alu grey, White/Dark grey


Stainless steel powder coated

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