Nova 850 Fire Pit


Stylish, clean-lined design combined with durable Fluid™ Concrete construction, Nova 850 is a simple yet contemporary fire pit for enhancing outdoor living spaces.

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A linear twist on a modern classic

Stylish, clean-lined design combined with durable Fluid™ Concrete construction, powered by eco-friendly fuel. A simple yet contemporary fire pit for enhancing your outdoor living spaces.The new Nova Series was specially made for the outdoors. A linear twist on a modern classic, the square-shaped, portable Fire Pits are perfect for enjoying under the stars and to beautifully brighten and enhance the ambiance of myriad outdoor spaces.

Application Indoor & Outdoor
Compatible Burner AB3
Minimum Room Size 116m3 [4097ft3]
Thermal Output 20433 BTU/h – 6 kW 21.56 MJ/h
Fuel Efficiency/Burn Time 7 – 11h
Weight 43.90kg [96.78lb]
Dimensions L 850mm (33.5in)  x W 850mm (33.5)  x H 310mm (12.2in)
Material Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304
Colour Natural, Graphite, Bone




Key Features


Aesthetics and endurance


Constructed from hardwearing, weather-resistant, lightweight concrete composite.
Easily personalised


To personalise the appearance, simply add your chosen fire-rated decorative media to the platform surrounding the ethanol burner.
Perfectly positioned


Whether a pool deck or patio, open space or outdoor room, MIX Fire Bowls instantly enhance the atmosphere, creating a distinctive design feature.
Minimum fuss


Delivering the ambience of an open fire – but minus the mess, odour, sparks and soot due to the clean-burning, eco-friendly e-NRG bioethanol.
Earthy tones


Available in three concrete hues – Natural, Graphite, and Bone.
Dual options



Nova Fire Pits are available in two sizes – the smaller Nova 600 (with AB3 Burner) and larger Nova 850 (AB8 Burner).
Fluid™ Concrete Technology



Our proprietary technology offers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products.
Tested worldwide


EcoSmart Fire’s collection has been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and is UL Listed in the USA, Certified for EU and UK in accordance with EN16647, and satisfies the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

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Shipping Weight 44Kg
Packaging Dimensions mm 986L 986W 546H
CBM 0.53m3
Type Carton

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