3m x 3m Pergola – With 4 Drop Sides & LED Lighting – White


The Maze 3m x 3m Pergola is the most stylish and high-tech available on the market yet. It is crafted from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid maintenance free construction.

The aluminium is UV protected so resistant to fading and protects you and your family from harmful UV rays.

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Contemporary Garden Pergolas

A modern garden pergola will create a stylish area for lounging or entertaining. Luxurious and state of the art, our pergolas have roofs with drainage, as well as drop side, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Our metal pergolas have louvred roofs to give you control over the shading. A louvred roof is made of slanted horizontal slats that can be opened or closed. When you want to take advantage of sunny days, open up the slats fully. Otherwise, you can keep them closed, which renders your new pergola completely waterproof. Especially in the UK, where even in summer the weather can be unpredictable, this is extremely useful.


The Maze 3m x 3m Pergola is the most stylish and high-tech available on the market yet. It is crafted from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid maintenance free construction. The aluminium is UV protected so resistant to fading and protects you and your family from harmful UV rays.

The Maze Pergola is made with 100% weather resistant materials, which makes it ideal for long-term use. The tilting louvres can be easily opened or closed. You may have them closed to create a sheltered space or open to provide sunlight. You can enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the British weather with the Maze Pergola! In order to drain excess rainwater, it is not necessary to open the louvres, as a built-in drainage system allows the water to drain down the inside of the legs directly to a drain outlet which then drains into the ground, so there is never a pool of water on the pergola roof.

The Maze Pergola offers 4 Textilene drop sides which are manually adjustable, making it ideal for shielding unwanted sun or wind from any direction. To operate the blinds, simply turn the crank handle and the weighted base will glide down the small cable on each side. This will prevent the sides from moving in the wind. In addition to this, there are remote-controlled LED mood lighting strips around the perimeter of the gutter system. The LED strips can be multicoloured or white only and are easily adjusted with a remote control. You can also set the lights to automatically change the colourperiodically or keep it one colour. The lights are dimmable to your desired brightness to set the mood. The gazebo would require a 240-volt socket for the lights to be activated. In addition, it requires 2 people to assemble and the suggested build time is 2 hrs.

We advise a firm ground fixing is used for this pergola, ideally bolted to a concrete base. Please note paving slabs are not suitable for fixing as they can lift in windy weather.



  • 1x Aluminium Pergola
  • 4x Texteline Drop Sides
  • 1x Fixing Kit and LED Remote Control


  • 2 year warranty guarantee
  • LED lights and controller
  • Texteline drop side blinds x4
  • Tilting aluminium louvres


  • Integrated LED Lights with Plug (Not Hard Wired)
  • Lights Multicoloured or White Options
  • 100% Weather Resistant Materials
  • Tilting Louvres to allow light or shut for protection
  • Intelligent built-in Drainage System
  • 4 Texteline Drop Sides – Weighted and attached to Cable Runners
  • IP67 – LED Waterproof Power Supply
  • 240 Volt Socket



Aluminium Pergola (3m x 3m) – H2.3m
Texteline Drop Side – 270cm x 218cm
Pergola Leg – 10 x 10cm (16 x 16cm including feet plate)
Top Bar – 12cm
Drop Side Bar – 7.5cm
LED Lights cable length – 5m


Can furniture be left outside all year round?

We can confirm that all of our furniture can be left outside all year round. However we do recommend to purchase one of our winter protective covers for your furniture. Our covers provide superior protection from the elements. We strongly advise that all cushions should not be stored underneath your protective cover, otherwise the cushions will become water stained. In addition all cushions should be stored in a dry location when not in use.

How do I wash my outdoor cushions?

To clean our cushions, we recommend a simple hand wash with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Our cushions are not machine washable and cannot be tumble dried.

Do our products fade in sunlight?

All of our PE Rattan products provide UV protection to ensure they do not fade in sunlight, resulting in years of enjoyment. Please see our cushion care guide for more details.

How do I care for my furniture?

We recommend cleaning your furniture without the cushions at least once a year. Brush the furniture down to remove leaves and debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe dirt away. After the dirt has been removed we recommended rinsing your furniture.

Is our furniture fully assembled?

Many of our furniture ranges come fully assembled, as they are fully aluminium welded. The only components which usually require assembly is our tables, parasols and storage boxes. Please note that some furniture ranges come in sections and will require assembly.

Do you use Tempered Glass?

Yes we can confirm all of our glass has been tempered for your safety.

Does our Rattan Contract and Expand?

Yes all of our rattan will contract and expand based on the current weather conditions. In warm weather, our rattan will expand and then contract back to its original state once temperatures become cooler. This is a completely normal trait for rattan garden furniture and in result will stop the weave from snapping and becoming brittle in the winter months.

Please avoid leaving reflective objects on your table in direct sunlight (Glasses, Bottles, Ornaments) as this may lead to your rattan damaging in the sun.

Rattan Colour & Pattern Variation

Please note many of our rattan weaves are made up of varying colour strands and the strands can vary in thickness due to the items being handmade. These variations can look slightly different once in your garden dependent on the level of sunlight and the design of each set may mean your weave is woven in different configurations. The colour can also vary, in the morning some ranges may look a little greyer and in the afternoon the sun may pick out more beige tones. All our photos have been taken in different settings and lighting. All our items are handwoven; no weaving is identical throughout our sets. All finishing strands are pinned in place to assure they do not unravel.

Rising Table Function

Rising tables are designed to be easily raised or lowered. We have designed these tables with no moving parts to ensure the most durable design. Our rising tables come with either an easy lock in, lock out mechanism or a gas lift lever.


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