Luxury B-Bag, Slate


The Mighty B-Bag has taken a significant leap in sophistication.

Introducing the Mighty B Faux Leather Bean Bag by Extreme Lounging, in Slate, it’s now available in luxurious faux leather. This remarkable addition is set to elevate the elegance of your living space. Sitting down has never been so exceptional until you’ve experienced the unmatched comfort, versatility, and sheer coolness of this beanbag. With a choice of four exquisite colours—charcoal, slate, chestnut, and tan—it not only serves as a fantastic home accessory but also enhances the aesthetics of any home decor. So go ahead, grab your favourite beverage, whether it’s a comforting cup of tea or a cheeky glass of wine, along with your latest read, and immerse yourself in the pure cosiness of this extraordinary bean bag!



Introducing the Luxury B-Bag: Where Elegance Meets Practicality

For those who crave the opulence of leather without the inconveniences, the Luxury B-Bag is the ultimate solution. Created by Extreme Lounging, these remarkable faux leather bean bags offer all the benefits of genuine hide without any of the drawbacks. Here’s why the Luxury B-Bag is a true embodiment of comfort and sophistication.

Faux Leather Elegance:

The Luxury B-Bag presents you with the opportunity to indulge in the sumptuous luxury of leather without compromising your principles. Crafted from high-quality faux leather, these bean bags replicate the look, texture, and feel of genuine hide. The result is a piece of furniture that exudes class and elegance.

Four Fabulous Options:

Extreme Lounging offers you the choice of four fabulous faux leather finishes, allowing you to select the one that complements your style and decor perfectly. Whether it’s the timeless black, the rich brown, the contemporary white, or a unique hue, these bean bags cater to diverse tastes.

Surprisingly Lightweight:

Despite their luxurious appearance, the Luxury B-Bags are surprisingly lightweight. This feature allows you to move them effortlessly around your living space, creating the perfect seating arrangement for any occasion. Adapt your interior layout with ease and style.

Super-Soft Touch:

One of the most remarkable aspects of these bean bags is their super-soft touch. Running your hand over the faux leather surface, you’ll be convinced that it’s genuine leather. The tactile experience is as inviting as it is luxurious, inviting you to sink in and relax.

Impeccable Comfort:

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, the Luxury B-Bag conforms to your body’s contours, offering an unparalleled seating experience. Whether you’re enjoying a movie night, reading a book, or simply unwinding, these bean bags cradle you in comfort.

Practical Luxury:

The Luxury B-Bag marries luxury with practicality. Unlike real leather, these faux leather bean bags are easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need to worry about special leather treatments or constant upkeep. They retain their beauty without the fuss.

In conclusion, the Luxury B-Bag by Extreme Lounging is a celebration of elegance and practicality. With their faux leather construction, four fabulous colour options, lightweight design, super-soft touch, and exceptional comfort, these bean bags redefine the concept of luxury seating. Whether you’re seeking a stylish addition to your living room, bedroom, or any other space, the Luxury B-Bag promises to enhance your environment with timeless sophistication and unrivalled comfort.


Features and Benefits:

  • Material: High-quality faux leather
  • Filling: EPS polystyrene
  • Polyester base
  • Durable rubber handles
  • These sophisticated bean bags are available in 4 colours (Slate / Chestnut / Tan/Latte)
  • To keep clean, just simply wipe down with a damp cloth



  • Width: 99cm
  • Depth: 80cm
  • Height: 94cm
  • Weight: 6kg


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