Höfats Cone Built in


The Mounting Kit allows you to mount the CONE BBQ to all types of worktop

If you have or intend to build an outdoor-kitchen, CONE-Mounting offers the perfect solution.

Set it in timber, concrete or even a flagstone

So With the CONE-Mounting your creativity has no boundaries.

The table is not included in this purchase

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Höfats Cone Board £61
Höfats Cone Health Grid £129
Höfats Cone Cover £61



Beach, garden, park, or countryside, take it with you wherever you go, the Cube is your constant companion.

By day it can be used as a handy seat or table by night add a few logs and you have yourself a warm and cosy fire to sit around, add the adjustable grill and you have got yourself a barbecue. Totally transportable and great for those who love to travel, camp, or just love a fire. It takes multi-purpose to a whole new level!

The Cube has an ingenious design quirk that makes extinguishing a fire really simple, you just turn it upside down, and the fire bowl, which is suspended within the Cube, tilts and the fire is out.

The Cube comes in two varieties, Black and Rusty. The Black is powder-coated stainless steel, and the Rusty is made of Corten steel, a visual alternative.  Unlike conventional steel, over time Corten steel forms a solid layer of patina.  Normal steel would rust over time but Corten steel develops a barrier coat under the actual layer of rust which protects the surface from further corrosion. The patina continuously forms over and over again which provides a living and unique patina to the product.

This weather-resistant steel is classified as an extremely ecological material. It has above-average durability, doesn’t need to be varnished, and is completely recyclable


The charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill

CONE takes charcoal grills to the next level! Thanks to a simple mechanism, the charcoal grate is directly height adjustable. The higher you move the charcoal grate towards the food, the more heat it gets! If you want to reduce the heat, simply lower the charcoal grate. As the distance increases, the air supply is reduced and the heat decreases. In the lowest position, the air vents are closed, you have the maximum distance between the heat source and food, and the heat is at its lowest. You can operate this intuitively, controlling the heat as and when you need to with one hand. Continuously adjustable between minimum and maximum – just as effective and convenient as a gas grill – but with a 100% BBQ taste! And after the BBQ?


  • charcoal BBQ or fire pit
  • direct continuously adjustable heat control
  • large grill area thanks to second level
  • heat-resistant: 100% stainless steel coating
  • includes mounting ring


A charcoal grill that is so smart! Thanks to the intuitive heat control, it’s just as convenient and flexible to operate as a gas grill – and with a true BBQ taste! The secret: the distance between the charcoal grate and the food is continuously adjustable. The higher you put the heat source, the more heat your grill gets. Want to sear the food? Move the charcoal grate right to the top! But that’s not everything: because CONE also links the height adjustment with the air supply – from maximum in the highest position to closed in the lowest position. The air supply becomes an integral part of heat control, making CONE even more effective. Simply brilliant. And brilliantly simple! Create the perfect atmosphere during or after the meal by turning CONE into a fire pit in no time at all. The perfect way to end a BBQ!


CONE is a charcoal grill pro and a stylish fire basket

After your BBQ, transform CONE into a fire pit in no time at all! Move the ash bowl right to the top and create a unique atmosphere with just a little wood. The perfect end to your BBQ!


What this multi-talent can do

CONE has everything you need for a professional BBQ experience: continuously adjustable heat control, a very large grill area with two levels and a convenient operating height. You can easily whip up big BBQs for 10 to 15 people! Functional details, such as a hook for BBQ tools (e.g. tongs holder) and practical accessories, make grills with charcoal an absolute pleasure! For example, you can create an XXL work surface by attaching one or two side tables! Another smart feature is the integrated stainless steel lid with temperature display, which can be fully closed or left half-open. A magnetic locking mechanism on the hinge securely holds the lid in the desired position. Use the CONE cast iron cooking grate to give steaks the perfect grill marks and prevent fish or grilled cheese from sticking. The matching drip tray makes your BBQs even healthier, as it keeps fat and marinades away from the embers.


Dimensions mounting ring: Ø 60 cm, height 5 cm
Dimensions and weight CONE: height 90 cm, 17 kg
(Ø 46 cm grid and Ø 50 cm warming grid)
Material: stainless steel

What makes CONE unique

CONE brings the convenience of a gas grill to a charcoal grill. Uncompromising flavour and a perfect BBQ experience thanks to continuously adjustable heat control. But there’s more to CONE than this: as a fire basket, it provides an authentic and atmospheric end to your BBQ.

A charcoal grill in a class of its own
Thanks to direct, continuously adjustable heat control, even the most challenging BBQs are a success. Use the lid closed or half-open for indirect grilling and to keep an eye on the temperature

Ease of use
BBQs are easy with CONE. Cook at a convenient height of 85 cm. The cooking grate and warming rack provide you with plenty of extra space for multiple projects. With the höfats BBQ tongs, it’s extremely easy to remove both the grate and rack, e.g. to clean them in the dishwasher.

Fire basket function
Use CONE as a fire basket to make your dinner even more atmospheric! The adjustable ash bowl makes for some impressive flames. Take the stainless steel lid off, or use it as a reflector to send the cosy warmth towards your guests.

Resistant materials
CONE is made from 100% stainless steel. The black heat-resistant powder coating underlines the timeless design and ensures long-lasting enjoyment.

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CONE is a charcoal grill pro and a stylish fire basket

After your BBQ, transform CONE into a fire pit in no time at all! Move the ash bowl right to the top and create a unique atmosphere with just a little wood. The perfect end to your BBQ!