FrescoPro Esperance Outdoor Kitchen with Pro Line 6 Burner Barbeque


BeefEater FrescoPro Signature 5 Esperance Outdoor Kitchen

BeefEater FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchens offer a modern, sleek design, all custom made and easy to install. Gone is the need for expensive design work and large installation costs. All that is required is a solid base, and the FrescoPro can be up and running.

Combining BeefEater’s high quality range of gas barbecues and associated equipment, such as beautiful glass fronted fridges, with FrescoPro’s vast experience in kitchen design and fabrication. This stunning range features everything for outdoor entertaining in a simple package.

Aluminium Composite Colours
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FrescoPro Esperance Outdoor Kitchen Features

  • Pro Line Beefeater 6B Built-In BBQ
  • Extremely Versatile Aluminium Composite Cabinets as Standard
  • Superior Extruded Aluminium Frame
  • Hardwearing 20mm Black Granite or Dekton Worktops
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 25 Year Anti-Corrosion Guarantee
  • Can connect to Natural Gas
  • Installation Service Available


Available in a range of colours including: Anthracite Grey, Silver Grey, Black, White

  • 3 metre straight run outdoor kitchen
  • Integrated BeefEater Signature Proline 6 burner barbecue
  • BeefEater Single Fridge
  • Integrated Sink & Tap


Consists of:

  • 1x BeefeaterPro Line 6 Burner Built-In BBQ with Flat Lid
  • 1x Beefeater Tropical Single Door Fridge Unit
  • 1x Double Door Versatile Cupboard Unit
  • 1x Two Door Cupboard Unit & BBQ Housing
  • 1x Tap & Sink Unit



The Beefeater FrescoPro Signature Proline Esperance Kitchen features the high powered, high quality BeefEater Proline 6 burner barbecue with roaster hood, along with the BeefEater single door fridge (120 litre). The units included are the double door BBQ unit, single door unit and single door unit including sink and tap. This is finished off with 20mm stone work top for the ultimate finishing touch.

The BBQ unit can be run from either propane or natural gas depending on your requirements. As standard you will receive propane. A Natural Gas conversion kit will be included in the packaging.


The superb FrescoPro Esperance Outdoor Kitchen with Signature Pro Line 6 Burner Built-In Beefeater BBQ is part of the outstanding Signature Alfresco Kitchen Range. This model comes with 2x Dual Cupboard Units, 1x Sink & Basin, 1x Single Door Fridge Unit & BBQ Housing.

Brought together with a perfectly levelled high quality Extruded Aluminium Frame, resisting both rust and corrosion allowing for many enjoyable years of cooking. The superior frames make for simple installation with moderate tools and can maintain hundreds of kilos of weight so you can design and fit your outdoor kitchen to your exact liking, while removing the hassle of a standard BBQ surface.

The durable cabinets are constructed using a choice of extremely versatile aluminium composite or hard-wearing dekton for the doors, drawers and cladding. These cabinets are impervious to water, swelling and feature a 5 year warranty. Also includes a selection of 20mm Classic Black Granite Worktops or Ultra-Compact Premium Dekton Worktop

Enhancing the need for luxury outdoor living and effortless entertaining. FrescoPro Signature Outdoor Kitchens are the superior models for luxury outdoor living offering stylish looks, quality materials, high practicality and unrivalled performance.


FrescoPro Esperance 6B Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions

Esperance (Pro Line 6B)

  • ODK Width: 2945mm
  • ODK Height: 935mm
  • ODK Depth: 670mm


  • BBQ Width: 1053mm
  • BBQ Height: 42mm
  • BBQ Depth: 540mm


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