Delivita Pro Dual Fuel Oven – The Pro Plus Stand Bundle


We’re expanding our ultimate culinary journey to new horizons. With the arrival of the DeliVita Pro, we’re propelling outdoor and professional cooking to unprecedented heights. It’s the most versatile and environmentally friendly wood-fired oven in the world, redefining the art of culinary excellence.



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Introducing the DeliVita Pro PLUS STAND, an elevated professional rendition of our original wood-fired oven, a culinary masterpiece that effortlessly amplifies versatility and creativity. This innovative oven allows you to seamlessly switch between the convenience of gas and the delectable flavours of a traditional wood-fired cooking experience.

Key Features:

  1. Pro-Level Culinary Excellence: Crafted for both professional kitchens and the ultimate alfresco home setups, the DeliVita Pro showcases dual-fuel capabilities, offering unparalleled freedom and choices to enhance your culinary endeavours.
  2. Expansive Capacity: The Pro outperforms with its more than double capacity, effortlessly cooking three pizzas in a mere four minutes or accommodating a diverse array of dishes concurrently.
  3. Revolutionary Cooking: Revolutionizing the way you cook and entertain, the Pro boasts a larger cooking area and introduces a ground-breaking dual-fuel system that combines wood fuel and blue flame technology, making it the world’s most versatile and environmentally friendly gas/wood-fired oven.
  4. Crafted to Perfection: Designed and manufactured using the same premium materials that are synonymous with DeliVita, the DeliVita Pro is an absolute delight for both chefs and food enthusiasts. It opens the door to a grander wood-fired adventure.
  5. A Palette of Colors: Choose from a selection of four distinctive ‘DeliVita’ colours to complement your style and outdoor setting.

Experience a new era of outdoor culinary artistry with the DeliVita Pro. It’s a powerful, dual-fuel companion that expands your cooking horizons and redefines your alfresco dining experiences.




Experience a cooking area of impressive proportions, doubling the size of our standard ovens and enabling you to prepare up to 3 pizzas in a single minute. The DeliVita Pro XL stands as the ultimate selection for professional chefs and seasoned culinary enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  1. Professional-Grade Outdoor Oven: The DeliVita Pro XL represents the pinnacle of outdoor cooking excellence, offering exceptional performance and durability.
  2. Dual-Fuel Precision: Benefit from complete control with dual-fuel capability, seamlessly balancing gas convenience with the exceptional flavour of wood-fired cuisine.
  3. Twice the Size: This extraordinary oven boasts twice the cooking area of the DeliVita Eco, providing you with an expansive canvas for your culinary creations.
  4. Variety of Colours: Choose from a range of four vibrant colours to suit your style and outdoor space.
  5. Impressive Output: The DeliVita Pro XL boasts an impressive capacity, allowing you to cook up to 3 pizzas every minute, making it perfect for high-demand scenarios.
  6. Versatile Usage: Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, the Pro XL caters to a wide range of culinary needs.
  7. Chimney and Door Included: For your convenience, the DeliVita Pro XL includes a regulated chimney and door, enhancing your cooking experience.

Elevate your outdoor culinary adventures with the DeliVita Pro XL, offering exceptional cooking space and unparalleled performance for professional use, all while maintaining the charm of wood-fired flavour.


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       of 500ºC

Experience the swift performance of the DeliVita Pro, reaching ideal cooking temperatures in just 25 minutes. With its dual-fuel capabilities, this oven offers comprehensive control, accommodating a variety of culinary techniques. Whether you aspire to craft flawless pizzas, delectable meats, or exquisite seafood and vegetables, the DeliVita Pro accomplishes the task with unparalleled efficiency. This wood-fired oven is the preferred choice of chefs who demand excellence.


Handcrafted in

The DeliVita Pro stands proudly within our selection of handcrafted, artisanal outdoor ovens, drawing inspiration from the traditions of Italy and meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Yorkshire. Our skilled craftspeople dedicate unwavering attention to each detail, culminating in the creation of what we proudly proclaim to be the world’s finest outdoor pizza ovens. This award-winning innovation is meticulously designed with your needs and desires in mind.


Versatile! Cooks great pizzas, meats, fish and veg

Prepare delectable, restaurant-grade dishes consistently with the DeliVita Pro. This professional-calibre oven is meticulously crafted to perform flawlessly, whether in a commercial or domestic setting. The result is the ultimate solution for elevated outdoor cooking experiences.


Eco friendly
uses less wood

The DeliVita Pro Dual Fuel Oven’s eco-friendly nature and reduced wood usage are a result of its dual-fuel capability, efficient combustion, reduced emissions, sustainable design, and commitment to environmental responsibility. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy wood-fired cooking while minimizing their ecological footprint.