Base for fiQ Column M Corten


Indulge in the diversity of fiQ’s holders and columns, where choices abound in sizes, heights, and materials. Navigating through the selection may pose a delightful challenge, as we understand the difficulty in making decisions when every option is enticing.

From sleek and contemporary to robust and traditional, fiQ offers a spectrum of sizes and heights, allowing you to tailor your outdoor space with precision. The materials range from timeless classics to modern innovations, ensuring that your fiQ holders and columns not only meet but exceed your aesthetic expectations.

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Undercarriages – Welcome to the heart of fiQ’s outdoor transformation – The fiQ Circle. This innovative space, fuelled by fiQ’s modular brilliance, allows you to turn your backyard, terrace, or any outdoor setting into a personalized oasis. Immerse your guests in a heart-warming outdoor experience, where everyday worries fade away.

At the core of this transformation lies the fiQ Undercarriages – the foundation that supports and defines this unique outdoor living concept. Crafted with precision and durability, fiQ Undercarriages provide the structural support needed to seamlessly integrate various elements of your outdoor space. Their adaptability allows you to effortlessly customize your space, creating a personalized haven that reflects your unique taste.

As you navigate through the journey of fiQ’s outdoor experience, explore the diverse options of fiQ Holders and Columns. Available in various sizes, heights, and materials, these elements present you with a delightful challenge of choice. From sleek and contemporary to robust and traditional, fiQ offers a spectrum of options, ensuring your outdoor haven exceeds aesthetic expectations.

Choosing the perfect fiQ Holders and Columns may be tough, but that’s the beauty of customization. It’s an exhilarating journey of tailoring your space to resonate with your style and vision. Contact us today to embark on this exciting adventure and let your outdoor haven truly embody the essence of your individuality. Welcome to the world of possibilities with fiQ.

Base for fiQ Artola Column M Corton

Introducing the robust and enduring barbecue stand from Artola’s Kolom series, a superb addition to enhance your outdoor cooking arrangement. Constructed from premium corten steel, this brown stand not only imparts a touch of sophistication to your fiQ barbecue but also ensures enduring performance. With dimensions measuring 50.2 x 50.2 x 31 cm and a weight of 11.4 kg, this stand provides a firm and secure foundation for your fiQ M or L grill.

Elevating the grill above ground level, it establishes a comfortable working height, enabling you to relish the barbecue experience while standing. The stand incorporates a considerate feature—a designated space for the ashtray, promoting a clean and organized cooking area. Cleaning becomes a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth after use is all it takes.

With the option to mix and match colours between the stand and the grill, you have the freedom to curate a personalized and chic barbecue setup that aligns with your preferences. Elevate your outdoor cooking escapades with the Artola Kolom M Corton stand, delivering both style and functionality to your culinary endeavours.


Undercarriage for barbecue

EAN 8719992681181
Brand Artola








Corten steel




50.2 x 50.2 x 31 cm




11.4 kg


Info Quick and easy to clean

Space for the ash pan has been left free

Suitable for the fiQ M and L scales



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