Buschbeck Indiana Large Plancha Grill Fire Pit


Enjoy a rustic campfire or a cozy barbecue with this stunning Large Indiana fire bowl.

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Enjoy a rustic campfire or a cozy barbecue with this stunning Large Indiana fire bowl.

The practical grill ring is made of a high quality stainless steel and offers plenty of space for steaks, sausages or grill skewers. For a warm fire, you can use wood, charcoal or briquettes. Furthermore, the fire bowl, like the frame, is made of 3 mm steel in an attractive rust look and blends in perfectly with its surroundings thanks to its timeless design. Finally make your summer evenings last longer underneath the stars and warmth that the indiana fire bowl brings. The self oxidising steel causes the steel to rust even more over time, this accentuates the rustic look and enhances the natural patina. The rustic look of this Large Indiana fire bowl compliments any garden setting and creates a disirable warm ambience!

Regardless of whether you burn wood or charcoal, the greatest heat develops in the center of the fire bowl. This creates different heat zones on the grill ring: Inside with very high temperatures – perfect for juicy, grilled steaks. The steel outside is cooler. Here you can cook more tender types of meat at a sufficient distance from the open fire. Poultry and fish à la plancha also stay nice and juicy here and get a mouth watering flavour.

Features and Specifications:

Weight: approx 17 kg
Dimensions W x H x D: 60 x 50 x 60 cm
Material: , Steel
Color: Rustic look


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