Bloc L1 Concrete Coffee Table


Bloc L1 makes a statement in any outdoor or indoor space.

The Blinde Design Bloc L1 is the most compact among the rectangular concrete coffee tables we offer. Its clean lines and sleek design make it a versatile and elegant addition to smaller spaces, allowing you to create an intimate and cozy ambiance. Moreover, when paired with two or more tables, it becomes an excellent solution for catering to various sections of a larger setting, adding both functionality and style to the environment.

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Bloc L1 makes a statement in any outdoor or indoor space.

Blinde Designs presents the Bloc L1 Concrete Coffee Table, an exquisite piece of furniture that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with industrial charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this coffee table is a testament to the company’s commitment to both quality and design innovation.

The Bloc L1 Coffee Table showcases a bold and minimalist structure, fashioned entirely from high-quality concrete. Its clean lines and geometric form exude a sense of contemporary elegance, making it a captivating centrepiece for any living space.

Designed to elevate your interior decor, the Bloc L1 offers versatility and functionality in equal measure. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while the smooth concrete surface provides a practical platform for beverages, books, and decorative items.

Beyond its visual appeal, this coffee table also stands out for its eco-conscious approach. Blinde Designs prioritizes sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, evident in the use of eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing techniques.

Whether placed in a modern apartment or a more industrial-inspired setting, the Bloc L1 Concrete Coffee Table elevates your home with its understated sophistication and enduring charm. Discover the perfect fusion of artistry and functionality with this captivating creation from Blinde Designs.


Application Indoor & Outdoor
Weight 25.50kg [56.22lb]
Dimensions L 1000mm [39.4in] W 400mm [15.7in] H 271mm [10.7in]
Material Concrete Composite
Colour Natural, Graphite, Bone


Key Features

Functional aesthetics


Sleek lines combined with functional design ensure the perfect blend of utility and elegance.


Handcrafted from strong and durable Fluid™ Concrete that ensures Blinde Design BLOC L1 concrete tables look good for many years and are built for endurance.
Absolute versatility


Elegant, linear design enables flexibility of use: position these concrete tables alongside a wall, or to divide a space, or pair them with a modular sofa or set of Blinde Design chairs to provide the perfect setting.


Created to withstand all-weather conditions, with a finish that is resistant to moisture, UV rays, fire, insects, mold, mildew and extreme temperatures.
Infinitely versatile


Handmade superior concrete that’s half the weight of traditional concrete enables easy re-positioning to suit a variety of settings.

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