Swim Spa Aquatic 3 Deep


The Aquatic 3 is the ultimate multi-use Swim Spa. The swimming area has two seats in addition to a spacious swim lane, and there is an adjoining spa with ample seating for 5 people.

The Aquatic 3 is available in a standard 52” depth, or an optional 62” for those desiring greater depth in the swimlane. Passion Swim Spas are equipped with high performance pumpsfor awesome performance plus a low-wattage filtration pump for energy efficiency

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Embark on an extraordinary journey of aquatic wellness with the Passion Spas Swim Spa Aquatic 3 Deep—an unparalleled fusion of invigorating fitness and deep relaxation. Meticulously designed to elevate your aquatic experience, this swim spa transcends traditional boundaries, offering a multifaceted space that caters to both rigorous exercise and tranquil repose.

In the expansive swimming section of the Aquatic 3 Deep, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a generously proportioned space, ideal for rigorous swimming routines and cardiovascular workouts. Meanwhile, the dedicated whirlpool area beckons with its deep relaxation features, creating a serene environment for rejuvenating hydrotherapy.

The Swim Spa Aquatic 3 Deep stands out for its intelligent design, seamlessly integrating two distinct areas while allowing you to tailor your experience. Set the water temperature in the whirlpool area to a soothing degree higher for profound relaxation, while maintaining the ideal coolness in the swimming section for uninterrupted exercise.

Experience the epitome of aquatic versatility with the Passion Spas Swim Spa Aquatic 3 Deep—a testament to innovation in hydrotherapy and fitness. Immerse yourself in a space that effortlessly transitions from invigorating exercise to deep relaxation, providing a holistic approach to your overall well-being.



  • Dims.: 580 x 224 x 155 cm
  • Number of people: 8
  • Number of jets: 74


Product listing – Specs


Dims.: 580 x 224 x 155 cm Number of people: 8 Number of jets: 74


Original Price £28,590.00




580 cm


Width 224 cm


Height 155 cm


Shell Construction Multi-layered


Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet




Amount of LED Lights in Corner Panels 4
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting Yes
Number of Seats 6 Seats and 2 loungers
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets


Total Number of Jets 74
Number of Air Jets 4 Turbo Swim Jets
Ozon Oxidation System For Cleaner Water Yes
Gravity Floor Drain Yes
Amount of Headrests 4
Filtration System Programmable Filtration System
Heating System Balboa


Amount of LED-Lights


Pump 1 3.0 HP
Pump 2


3.0 HP


Pump 3


3,0 HP


Pump 4


3,0 HP


Pump 5


3,0 HP


Pump 6 3,0 HP


Pump 7 Circulation Pump Swim Side


Pump 8 Circulation Pump Swim Side


Filtration Four Single Filters
Control System




Heating System


3.0 KW
Water Capacity


14500 Litres


Dry Weight


1700 kg


Filled Weight


16200 kg


3-layered Thermal Insulation
Electrical Requirements


380 V / 3 x 20 Amp  of 230 V / 32 Amp













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